Online Fashion store ASOS launch its own house band

We’ve often seen TV shows that have their very own house bands; with Jonathon Ross and his Four Poofs and a Piano springing to mind, but never have we heard of a store retaining the services of a musical talent, until now.

The popular online store ASOS announced yesterday that they are introducing a brand new house band, who will play and entertain visitors whilst they browse the website.


The band are called ‘Man Like Me’ and consist of duo Johnny Langer and Peter Duffy, with backing singer Talia, who were chosen from hundreds who attended auditions for the band.

And as they are collaborating with a fashion brand, they even have a stylish muse, in the shape of Made in Chelsea reality star Millie Manderson (formerly Mackintosh). Millie is starring in one of the videos and helped to showcase the band at the official launch party on Thursday evening.


To show just how trendy the band are, their first release is called ‘LOLROFLOMFGLMFAO’, which asks that important question ‘who needs words when you’ve got letters?’ It is thought that the band will take an ironic and quirky look at life, with up and coming songs dedicated to fashion fears in ‘Frock Off’, celebrity hero worship with ‘Me, My Girl and Ryan (Gosling)’ and even the world’s dwindling economy, perfectly encapsulated by looking for change down a sofa in ‘Found A Pound’.

In keeping with the left of centre stance on life, other song titles include ‘Wrap It Up’, which denotes the problems when it comes to buying Christmas presents, and ‘Heavy Petting’, thought to symbolise the nation’s obsession with posting up pictures of their pets online.

'Man like Me' with TV presenter and host for the party Arielle Free - © Daniel Lewis

‘Man like Me’ with TV presenter and host for the party Arielle Free – © Daniel Lewis

The fashion slash musical duo will premiere their latest song on the ASOS website each week on a Friday morning, with seven songs being released over the next two months.

ASOS have a habit of showcasing hew ideas, as they were the first site to launch a digital magazine called The Daily Edit, something that now many other online stores have followed suit and copied, including Net-a-Porter.

So what do the cheeky duo actually sound like? Well. we are not sure if you can buy their tracks, and even if you could, whether you’d want to, as they sound like a cross between Aqua (who gave us the classic Barbie Girl) and an entry for the European Song Contest.

We’re sure that for a bit of fun and entertainment whilst you are shopping however, they’ll be right up your street.

See what you think by watching our video link below:

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