Effective ways of educating special kids using an Alphabet Mat

If there are students who face troubles while reading and learning he or she can be provided with the said device that would make the task of educating them easier. These are mats that operate on instant letter identification, the sound which comes out of them and ways in which the sounds can be applied while conversing and also the order of the alphabets.

An alphabet mat is responsible for developing the spelling and the reading skills of students.

Researches have found out that students who suffer from a disease called dyslexia which is a disorder of reading are the ones who benefit from it the most. They instantly recognize the alphabets and are able to read and spell when they have the said mat in front of them as well. They also become familiar to the sounds of the alphabets.

Let us read how the mat looks. There are many plastic letters that help the kids to know the order of the alphabet and the name of the letters. They are covered with a 3-mil laminate so that the students can spell the words using markers which can be later erased.

A mat can be divided into two cases. One is the upper case and the second in the lower case. The uppercase one is generally provided first where the kids name and match the letters with the ones on the arc. Different kinds of games like Bingo and housie with letters etc can also be played. When the student is thorough with the letters then the mat is turned and then is when the kids start sequencing letter without the help of the ones on the arc.

The lowercase of the alphabet mat is used when the kid starts learning about the letters sound. They do that by saying some jingles like see Cameron cat in a canoe and a catfish too or something which sounds like brain bumblebee bats the blue ball and many more.

There are some other ways in which kids start leaning as well. There are some grids on the alphabet mat that they use to learn more about spellings. They start by pulling out the tokens to the first column of the boxes so that they can represent the sounds of the words. After this they move out letters and arrange them on the second row to the spell the sounds and lastly they write the letters in the last row.

If one can adopt some of these means of learning then the kids study and have fun at the same time. Classes do not get tiring and boring and they tend to learn a lot as well.

An alphabet mat and the activities that are conducted make it learning easier and also fun.

The alphabet mat makes sure that your kid becomes successful spellers and readers which make them a part of the family as well.

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