One Love Organics: Summer’s Hottest Skin Secret

Here at Shoppersbase we are big fans of anything organic and One Love Organics is a company that we are complete fans of. This natural, ethical and environmentally driven cosmetics company created by skilled cosmetic artisans, make hand-made products, using only the highest grade of ethically sourced raw materials to ensure the most effective, luxurious and guilt-free application. Their philosophy is focused on a few supreme products—not up-selling a medicine cabinet full of mysterious jars. They focus on giving skin what it needs, using only ingredients that provide direct benefits. (Hint: water isn’t one of them.) And because their products are so pure, they work for everyone in the family, from the newest babies to greatest of grandmas. These all-natural beauty products are 100% organic, pure and waterless skin-savers that can revamp even the most sensitive and problematic complexions. You can choose a sample set from their exclusive One Love Organics’s Summer Skin Set, which includes two of their bestsellers: Skin Savior Waterless Beauty Balm (good for everything from facial cleansing and moisturizing to conditioning your tresses) and New “Best Friend” Skin Shammy, a 100% pure dermalogical grade microfiber chamois that’ll blow any old washcloth out of the water. And many products are now in smaller sizes for your convenience. So if you are ready to give your skin the ultimate organic treatment then have a peak at our favourites from this fabulous company:

Discover Microderma Scrub & Masque – $12.00

Ever wish for a do-over? Brand New Day lets your skin start fresh every morning. Soothing silk peptide, milk powder, and fresh pineapple enzymes polish off dead skin cells while they help to protect the new ones, making for an exfoliation treat that’s gentle enough for every day, every skin type and every inch of your bod. Tomorrow never looked so good.

Skin Savior – Waterless Beauty Balm – 3.5 oz/105 ml – $68.00

As Seen in The Zoe Report! A New Way to Do It All – Skin Savior works in mysterious ways. Pure, cold-pressed plant oils and extracts break down dirt and makeup,clearing out your pores without stripping your skin of its natural protective layer. And you can use the very same balm for head-to-toe cleansing, moisturizing, conditioning, smoothing and massaging. A little goes a long way, so there’s plenty left for the rest of the family.

Love Springs Eternal – Youth Preservation Serum .8 fl oz – $59.00

An anti-aging serum unlike any other, this miraculous serum boasts some of Mother Earth’s most effective gifts: watermelon seed oil to smooth, dissolve build-up and provide a rich composition of essential fatty acids, Bulgarian Rose Oil to tone and moisturize, and clinically proven D’Orientine S (the S stands for sshh! secret) to help protect skin from environmental sources of aging and wrinkling. Your skin will forever thank you.

Morning Glory – Brightening Complexion Booster – 1 oz / 30 ml – $48.00

As seen in the Zoe Report! Be it morning, midday, or date night, this luscious lightweight serum will wake up your skin’s natural radiance. Raspberry Leaf—a rich source of polypeptides, flavonoids, tannins and niacin—works to stimulate, tighten and tone. Peppermint and lemon balm deliver a refreshing zing of anti-inflammatory antioxidants to help brighten, enliven and de-puff. And vegan-sourced Omega 3 fatty acids smooth the appearance of fine lines and help shield skin from everyday environmental damage. Just a little Morning Glory and your complexion will be coming up rosy.

Beauty Essentials – Value Gift Set – $139.00

The Essentials is a collection of our signature products: Easy Does It Foaming Cleanser, Brand New Day Microderma Scrub & Masque, Skin Savior Waterless Beauty Balm, and New Best Friend Skin Shammy in a special value set. Our 100% pure, natural, preservative-free formulas draw on scientific rigor, nutritional expertise and generational wisdom to deliver the best possible results in just a few long-lasting products. Used together, our products encourage balanced, healthy, and beautiful skin.

Each Set Contains:

  • EASY DOES IT foaming cleanser 8.8 oz
  • BRAND NEW DAY Microderma scrub & masque 4 oz
  • SKIN SAVIOR Waterless Beauty Balm 3.5 oz
  • NEW BEST FRIEND Skin Shammy 1 cloth

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