One Direction head up anti bullying campaign with Office Depot

As they say, with great power comes great responsibility, and latest heart-throb boy band – One Direction are taking their responsibilities very seriously. The guys have launched an anti-bullying campaign called ‘1D+OD Live Love Move Together Against Bullying’, alongside U.S stationery suppliers – Office Depot, to highlight the problem of bullying in schools and on social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.

1D + OD

The campaign features a short video clip of the boys, promoting a new range of products from Office Depot, with individual messages from each and every one of the band. The campaign is said to be hoping to raise £64k, and it is hoped that the inclusion of the popular band will make it a profitable and worthy success.

Any profits made from the sale of products from the campaign will go towards educating children in schools to adopt a ‘kinder behaviour’.

The video clip, which stars the band, has already be viewed over 93,000 times on YouTube, and it will also be played at the group’s Take Me Home tours over in the U.S.

1D + OD

Items to purchase include a set of brightly coloured nail varnish, with each colour dedicated to a band member, with a neon bright yellow for Zayn, sky blue for Harry, eye-popping orange for Louis, bright pink for Niall and brooding purple for Liam. and there will also be stationery items such as fun stickers which are aimed at promoting self-confidence and the pursuit of success, pens, notebooks and folders.

In the video clip you can see each band member, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan talking about bullying and raising up placards to emphasise their points of view.


Liam says: ‘Join us in being brave and true,’ says Liam.


Louis embraces ‘being original and empowered’.


Zayn wants you to be ‘courageous and unique’.


Niall speaks of the importance of being ‘confident and successful’.


Whilst Harry sums it up nicely by adding: ‘Simply put – choose to live nice.’

ONe direction office depot

All the products will be available to buy online from the start of July 2013, and although it is an American collaboration, UK fans can still order the items. as the company have pledged to deliver to Britain.


In an interview with The Sun, Niall Horan said: “We’re really excited to partner with Office Depot and help spread the anti-bullying message with our fans and students in schools across America,” adding: “And you know we’re not long out of school ourselves so we can relate. It’s a problem that’s fresh in our minds and we’re eager to raise awareness on this subject. We hope the video will help raise awareness, especially since it will be played at our concerts across America.”

For more information fans can visit the official One Direction website.

All pictures courtesy of One Direction/Office Depot.

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