Apple to start making iPhone 5S already?

Well, you may have only just bought the latest version of the iPhone,  waiting patiently for your gizmo to arrive after shipping delays or braving  the scrums at Apple stores on launch day.

But rumour has it the American smartphone giant is already gearing up to begin making the iPhone 5’s successor, expected to be named the iPhone 5S.

According to a Chinese site, Apple will start trial production  of the iPhone5S in December.

The Commercial Times, a Chinese Language Financial Newspaper published in Taiwan is often a source for breaking news about the electronics and high-tech manufacturing industry because of its location.

Reports estimate full commercial production of the new device will start as soon as the first quarter of 2013, with the run in December expected to return between 50,000 and 100,000 trial units.

“Facing low yield rates in the production of iPhone 5, Apple has accelerated the certification processes for related parts of components for the iPhone 5S,” says the newspaper.

It also speculates that Apple will release a new version of its iPad a quarter later than the iPhone 5S because “the display resolution of its latest version of iPad has come out lower than expected”.

But industry experts say while trial production may begin straight away, it will take half a year until we get a new launch.

Luke Peters, who is editor of T3 magazine said: “The industry was surprised at how quickly the iPad 4 replaced the 3. However, that was to make all of its top line products have the same connector. Trial production might mean we see snippets on the web, but it’s usually six to seven months until we see a launch and so I would expect to see a new version, be it an iPhone 5S or a 6, late next year.”

And TechRadar predicts Apple will wait until the iPhone 5 has pulled in the “masses of revenue” it expects to make from it before any new launch.

“It’s likely that the iPhone 5S will hit stores in the latter part of 2013,” says Owen Hughes on the site, “following the trend set by the iPhone 5 and 4S. It’s even possible that Apple will skip the iPhone 5S and hop right on to the iPhone 6.”

If Apple does go straight in with an iPhone 6 upgrade, it may satisfy some of its critics, who had described the iPhone 4S as underwhelming, saying it was not a new phone, simply a software upgrade disguised as one.

When the iPhone 5 was released in September, Ernest Doku, telecoms expert at uSwitch.com, said: “Diehard fans demanded a new phone, not a software upgrade disguised as one. Apple just managed to get away with the 4S looking identical to the previous year’s model by introducing some novel features, such as the intelligent Siri, as well as an iOS5 update. But even the staunchest iPhone supporters wouldn’t have put up with another iterative upgrade this time.”

We’ll just have to wait and see what will set the iPhone 5S, or even the iPhone 6, apart from its predecessors.

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