Omate TrueSmart Watch world’s first standalone smartwatch

Wearable technology is seen to be the next leap forward, with the race on to design the first pair of smart glasses, watches and even bracelets. Smart watches are relatively new to the modern market, but have always required a smartphone in order to operate, and have been seen as little more than an accessory to that phone.


The Omate TrueSmart watch however, is the world’s first truly independent smart-watch, and operates via the 3G capabilities, and as a companion via Bluetooth or WiFi. The Omate TrueSmart is said to be “a new generation of Smartwatch 2.0,” and is the first water-resistant smart-watch where you can make voice calls, send text messages or social media messages. It has sports apps, tracking, an SOS device, GPS navigation, and comes with gesture and voice control, voice-to-text, give you weather updates, has a music player, world clock functions, calendar alarms, voice notes and much more.


The Omate TrueSmart watch was launched on the crowd-funding site KickStarter, but within only one day had reached the target goal of $100,000 and has now raised an incredible with $288,076 with 27 days left of the campaign to run.

In order to design the smart watch, the Omate team put together professionals from differing fields, but all experts, from across the globe including eight nationalities. Their first concern was to make the watch water resistant so that it could be worn anywhere at anytime.


They then decided that as the watch should be a ‘standalone’ smart watch, they wanted it to have the best processing capabilities and a high quality battery life, hence the 1.3GHz dual core processor with a 600 mAh battery boasting up to 100 hours standby time. The watch has a 1.54-inch touchscreen display and runs Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and has its own speaker and microphone.


It is securely encased in a metal body with a watertight seal, and all the charging connectors are also waterproof, so you really do not have to take it off ever, even if you are showering or in the swimming pool. The New York based team say: “Our Omate TrueSmart follows you wherever you go, even to places you wouldn’t have thought of bringing your phone – swimming, beach, jogging, clubbing, hiking and more.”


It is thought that once the campaign has been funded, and manufacturing has started, the Omate TrueSmart watches are expected to sell for $299 (£190). Clever gadget spotters who were canny enough to get an early pledge in on KickStarter will get a great bargain of a watch for $179, but these have, as expected, all sold out now. You can still make a pledge however, there are still $189 pledges available, and Omate say that they hope to send the first shipment out in October.

For more information, check out their KickStarter page.

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