Olympic Cyclist Victoria Pendleton Loves Neom Organics

Olympic athletes are not typically known for their smells, or for smelling great, but the Beijing Olympic Gold Sprint Medallist Victoria Pendleton has gone on record saying that she loves the scent of Neom Organics candles. In an interview with Hello Magazine, she let the secret out that she is a bit of a fan for lighting a scented candle before stepping into a bath, “I am a sucker for a scented candle. Neom Organics home candle in Tranquillity is the best scent I’ve ever smelt. At the weekend or if I’m having a bath, I always light one. It just fills the air with the most gorgeous smell.” And she is not the only one. Daisy Lowe says “I’m in love with the Moroccan Blush Rose scent in everything! The smell is just gorgeous. And I particularly adore the travel candles. As I can take the scent of home wherever I go.” And Kimberley Walsh, ex Girls Aloud singer, says she likes “nothing better than taking a relaxing bath after a hard day. These (Neom) bath oils are great for adding a little bit of luxury and they smell incredible.” Here are a few of Neom’s best sellers:

Neom Tranquillity: Home Candle – English Lavender, Sweet Basil & Jasmine – £39.50

NEOM Luxury Organics candles are made using only vegetable wax and pure essential oils rather than synthetic fragrances so they burn without releasing harmful pollutants, toxins or soot. They work as powerful holistic treatments as you breathe in the scented air so it is best to burn them for between 2-4 hours at a time. Each candle has 3 wicks and burns for up to 50 hours (30% longer than standard premium candles).

Neom Complete Bliss: Organic Reed Diffuser – Moroccan Blush Rose – £35.00

A beautiful glass bottle holds the precious scent-diffusing oil made using only the highest quality blend of pure essential oils rather than synthetic fragrances. Once inserted into the bottle, the natural reed sticks absorb the oil blend and gradually diffuse the scent into your home. Like our award-winning candles and room mists, each reed diffuser is designed to give you a specific treatment, depending on the scent you choose. Reeds are fantastically versatile for scenting so many areas…hallways, bathrooms, guest-rooms, we love them in our wardrobes too! 80% certified organic ingredients; 20% natural ingredients.

Neom Real Luxury: Organic Bath & Shower Oil – Lavender, Jasmine & Brazilian Rosewood – £32.00

Neom Luxury Organics bath oils are made using only the finest ingredients and are free from any synthetic products. Like our candles and room mists each bath oil is designed to give you a specific treatment, creating your very own bath spa. As with the cult Neom Luxury Organics candles the essential oil content is incredibly high (30%) so a little really does go a long way. This product is best used by placing one to two capfuls in your bath, slipping in for a deep relaxing and luxurious experience. Alternatively apply a similar amount to the body before showering. Size: 100ml. 70% certified organic ingredients and 30% pure essential oils.

Neom Refresh: Organic Hand Wash Sicilian Lemon & Fresh Basil – £17.00

Protect your hands every day with this deep yet gentle organic hand wash. Packed with soothing Aloe Leaf Juice, Chamomile Flower & Apricot Fruit Extract you can treat yourself to a little organic luxury everyday whilst radically reducing your chemical count. 71% certified organic ingredients; 29% natural ingredients.

Neom Scent Experience – Eight Scent Experience Phials – £4.00

Try eight of our top-selling scents with this pack of miniature Room Mists. The pack includes samples of: Complete Bliss, Real Luxury, Sensuous, Refresh, Happiness, Tranquillity, Inspiration, Sumptuous. 8 x 1.2ml. Note: The Scent Experience is exempt from promotion and discounts.

Neom Organic Bath & Shower Indulgence Set – 6 Mini Oils To Energise, Pamper & Relax – £19.00

This lovely gift box contains six bath oils in three scents: Real Luxury (Lavender, Jasmine & Brazilian Rosewood), Tranquillity (English Lavender with Sweet Basil & Jasmine) & Complete Bliss (Moroccan Blush Rose). Neom Luxury Organic Bath Oils are made with a vitamin E packed certified organic Safflower base & Jojoba to leave your skin soft and toxin free with an alluring glow that only Neom can deliver. Each luxury mini bath oil is designed to give you a specific treatment, creating your very own bath spa. Size: 6 x 5ml. 70% certified organic ingredients and 30% pure essential oils.

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