Office Gadgets to Help You Be Top Dog at Work

Office jobs are great as they tend to allow you to work in physically comfortable circumstances and are often better-paid than manual labour. But let’s be honest – a huge amount of the appeal is in the gadgets, am I right?

Gadgets thrive and multiply in an office environment, and there is no greater excuse for buying the latest and greatest than needing to outshine your office mates. So read on for the newest and coolest gadgets you’ll need to be top of the gadget food chain at work!

The Self-Stirring Mug is a wonderful way to deal with your coffee or tea in the morning, when you’re too tired to stir in the milk and sugar. With an electrical stirring mechanism set into the bottom of the mug, you simply add in the brew and whatever you want in there, and press the button to watch it whip your brew into a wonderful whirlpool.

Guaranteed to mix your brew into the perfectly homogenous caffeine delivery system, this mug is a gimmicky way to make your mornings a little easier and your afternoons more palatable.

Stapling documents is fine, but how would you feel if you could surprise everyone with the staple-less stapling method? You can staple three to five pages at a time with this stapler, which cuts a slip out of the paper and tucks it into a small cut. Tidy-looking, economic and environmentally friendly, this method of stapling will continue to work even when you run out of staples as it needs nothing but the staple-less stapling device. Your documents will raise eyebrows and your gadget-buying prowess will be the talk of the water cooler!

Having the smallest mobile possible is a very nineties sort of concept. That said, it’s made a bit of a comeback, and with the sWap Nova Crystal in a selection of colours you could very well be the winner of this particular race! It’s unlocked and will work with any SIM not belonging to the Three Mobile network, be it pay monthly or pay-as-you-go.

Weighing a mere 43 grams and possessed of a 1.76” colour touch screen display, the unit has a cleverly concealed USB plug to allow you to connect it to your computer and offers all the greatest mobile phone features in a tiny package.

Gadgets are a wonderful part of office culture. Why not raise eyebrows and take the crown as Gadget King or Queen with these amazing examples?

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