New ‘Octopus Highlights’ set to be hottest trend for 2016

FeMail, Story on new Technique to Highligh Hair "Layage", being pioneered by Katie at Charles Worthington Salon, here colouring Ester Coran's hair, photography Natasha Pszenicki

FeMail, Story on new Technique to Highligh Hair “Layage”, being pioneered by Katie at Charles Worthington Salon, here colouring Ester Coran’s hair, photography Natasha Pszenicki

It sounds like a chapter from a Jules Verne novel, but Octopus Highlights is a new hair dyeing technique that is set to take over salons this year.

So what exactly is it? Well, it is the way the hair is spread out on a table that has coined the name octopus. Before the hair is dyed, it is fanned out in long tentacles and then the dye is applied with a brush. But why all the effort?

© Femail

© Femail

Stylists say that by using this method the final results are much more natural and less ‘blocky’. The hair stylist has more freedom in applying the hair dye. For instance, whilst they are painting it on they can also use their fingers to smudge and smooth the dye.

The stylist will first prepare the table by lining it with cling film and then the client will lie back with their head propped against the edge of the table. Then the hair will be fanned out into spikes and the dyeing process starts.

Octopus highlights is the creation of Katie Allan, who works at the Charles Worthington salon as the master stylist.

octopus hair

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The technique is similar to balayage, in which a brush is used to hand paint dye onto the hair. This method is thought to be more natural than the old technique where tinfoil is used to separate the dye.

With octopus highlights, the stylist has even more freedom as the layers underneath are fanned out and painted, which gives a real 3D effect.

Kate spoke to the Daily Mail:

“I had the idea and tried it out on a friend. I was so pleased with the result that I thought we ought to offer it to clients. There are other techniques where you handpaint the dye on, but with this you have more control and can get exactly the effect you want.”

octopus hair

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One of the best things about this type of highlighting is that there isn’t a growing out period, so you won’t get a scenario with black roots appearing in the middle of your head. The effect is as if you have been on a sunny holiday for a few weeks and your hair has been naturally lightened.

The treatment takes around an hour in total, with 30 to 40 minutes for the application and then 20 minutes for the dye to work. The costs of the highlights is around £130.

Although Charles Worthington is the only salon that offers these highlights, we have no doubt that this will be the next hottest hair trend.

Source: Mail Online

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