Wear your luggage to get around flight weight restrictions!

So long as you don’t mind looking like an oompa loompa from Charlie and the Chocolate factory, weight restrictions on flights will be a thing of the past, as a new invention will allow you to wear your luggage. Entrepreneur and engineer John Power has created a set of clothing that features pockets, zips and compartments for your all your holiday essentials.

The ‘Jaktogo’, a play on the words ‘jacket to go’ we presume, costs £56 and is a novel way to get around the costly weight restrictions that airports are now imposing on travellers. It means that travellers can now take more on board without having to fork out for extra, but airports say that this could put travellers at risk, and restrict the amount of people are allowed on a flight, as there is only a certain amount of weight allowed per person on each flight.

In fact, there have been cases of planes crashing because the combined weight of the passengers has been too great for the aircraft to cope with.Wear your luggage to get around flight weight restrictions!

Back to the custom made product; it transforms from bag to a coat or a dress and allows flyers to carry up to an extra 10kg of hand luggage on board. It is designed to get round tight bag weight restrictions imposed by low-cost airlines like Ryanair. It has pockets for gadgets like iPads and cameras and includes compartments for holiday essentials such as books, clothes and towels.

It also comes a dress or a sleeveless poncho which is ideal for passengers travelling to hot countries. It is thought that Mr Power came up with the idea for the Jaktogo after becoming fed up with extortionate baggage charges on budget airlines such as Ryanair. Ryanair charge £15-£50 (depending on peak or low season) for a bag to be checked in as cargo with a weight limit of 15kg.

The cost rises to up to £130 if a passenger wants to check in a bag at the airport and they charge an additional fee if a second bag is checked in. They also charge a £20 excess baggage fee if a bag is heavier than 15kg. They permit 10kg of hand luggage and strictly enforce a rule of only one piece of hand luggage per passenger.

Anyone trying to take more than one bag on as hand luggage, or a bag weighing more than 10kg, at the check in gate must pay an extra £50.

The only problem with the Jaktogo is that you do tend to look like a bit of a ‘weeble’, wobbling about all over the show and you’ll probably get a few funny looks if you do wear it, but Mr Power thinks that the cost savings will be enough for people to see past this. Mr Power, 57, lives near Antwerp, Belgium, said: “Ever since the airlines started restricting luggage allowances and introducing new fees etc it has become more time consuming and expensive to travel so I was struggling to find a way to avoid endless waiting to collect check in luggage, without adding to the already growing price tags of budget airlines. I have seen people being left at the airport because of a few kilos extra or being forced to check in their carry on for the same reason. It seemed very unjust to me. I’ve seen many people trying to beat the system so I decided to look for a solution where you don’t look like a complete fool.”

The Jaktogo is available to buy from his website www.jaktogo.com and Ryanair say that they will not prevent people from wearing one so long as they do not provide a security threat. Perhaps the only crime here would be one against fashion…

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