Now you can sit on Brad Pitt! (Calm down ladies, he’s designed a furniture range)

Frank Pollaro & Brad Pitt in Brad’s wine cellar

Some Hollywood A List stars are just too darn talented for their own good. Take Brad Pitt; not only he is gorgeous, he has starred in many a block busting movie, he is a humanitarian and donates enormous amounts of money to charity, he tamed a Hollywood temptress and has a family to die for. So what does he go and do now? Rest on his perfectly toned laurels? Goodness no! He designs an exclusive range of furniture. The 48 year old super star has collaborated with style supremo Frank Pollaro to create a set of furniture items that include a two person marble bath tub, enormous hardwood bed, a large white patent leather armchair, a table with a 24k gold base, and a glass top dining table.

Apparently Pitt has always been interested in architecture and design and has been privately studying for over two decades, which have culminated in literally thousands of sketchbook drawings. He says that he has been “doodling ideas for buildings and furniture since the early 1990s, when I first discovered Mackintosh and Frank Lloyd Wright. Actually, I found Wright in college, when looking for a lazy two-point credit to get out of French. It forever changed my life,” Pitt revealed. The Frank Gehry–trained architecture enthusiast was encouraged by Pollaro to bring some of his designs to life and his work have attracted comments such as: ‘his pieces’ “are formal studies of movement and growth,” “the work looks very strongly influenced by the Bauhaus and Art Deco,” and “Pitt’s bases are less rectilinear, more fluid and luxurious.”

However, not all experts are enamoured by Pitt’s designs, with one critic describing the two person bathtub, constructed from white Italian marble as a huge ashtray. Sheila Bridges, an interior designer who had the dubious pleasure of fitting out Bill Clinton’s Harlem office said: “I’m not convinced . . . that Brad Pitt should quit his day job to be in the furniture or product design game. Unless that means I can be an actor for a day and get paid $7 million to star in a Chanel No. 5 perfume ad.”

Pitt describes himself as “bent on quality to an unhealthy degree,” and he agrees that Pollaro “embodies the same mad spirit of the craftsmen of yore, with their obsessive attention to detail. It just so happens Frank and I speak the same language. And we both have a predilection for far too much wine.” The collection will be a numbered editions or limited production and signed by Pitt and Pollaro, for example only nine of the huge hardwood beds made, each in different materials. Many of Pitt’s items use the concept of one single line, which can be a zig zag or a continuous spiral. When asked about the appeal of an uninterrupted line, Pitt explains that there’s a metaphorical element that’s difficult to articulate. “It started with my introduction to Mackintosh’s Glasgow rose, which is drawn with one continuous line,” he says. “But for me there is something more grand at play, as if you could tell the story of one’s life with a single line.”

Any fans of Brad Pitt however, had better hope to win the lottery as items start from around $30,000 and many of the pieces have already been purchased. And the final word from Brad, who when asked how he felt about now being called a furniture designer, cautioned, “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.”


Photo Credit Brad Pitt: Venturelli/WireImage.


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