Have a Colonic Irrigation with just a pill

Transdox Colonic Purifying nutraceuticalsIf I asked you to summon up your thoughts on the procedures involved in a colonic irrigation, you’d probably be thinking the same as me. It would involve placing a hose somewhere uncomfortable, either by yourself or a trained medical person, and just the thought of that would be enough for me never to have had one.

But now, a new colonic irrigation tablet could put paid to all that internal angst and embarrassment as it promises to cleanse and detox the system from the inside, with not a hose pipe in sight.

Drug pharmaceutical company Transformulas, have perfected a pill called Transdox Colonic Purifying nutraceuticals, which they call a tablet that promises to regulate your digestive system, cleanse and regulate the colon, and listen to this ladies, even flatten your tummy without that awkward placing of the hose moment.

When we ingest foods, we also intake a large amount of nitrates and hormones that get absorbed into our bodies from both water and food, along with prescription drugs such as tranquilizers and birth control pills remaining in our drinking water.

It is thought that a sluggish digestive system will consist of impacted faeces, mucus and other elements that clog up the system and also add to toxicity in the body.

The tablets cost £26.95 for a two week course which is said to be long enough for your body to become much clearer, which in turn helps reduce sluggishness, gas and bloating, regulates bowel movements and aids a positive feeling of balance and well being.

Your digestive system is literally cleaned out from the inside and practitioners of colonic irrigation believe that this is a therapy that will help in cleansing and promoting health in the large bowel. It is thought that by helping to cleanse the colon and the system generally, colonic irrigation can help to promote health and vitality.

Diagram on left shows impacted system, on the right a healthier system

Diagram on left shows impacted system, on the right a healthier system. Photo credit: MailOnline

The tablets consist of a whole host of plant extracts including Plantago Ovata, which is rich in fibre and helps absorb liquids and also Juglans Nigra which helps kill parasites and oxygenate the body. These tablets can also be beneficial for people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, bloating, skin conditions, headaches, circulation and depression. They are not suitable however, for people with Crohn’s disease or any type of bowel inflammation.

Celebrity advocates of colonic irrigation include Madonna, Princess Diana and, of course, Gillian McKeith, but these tablets are a great way of receiving the benefits of a cleanse but without any of the associated embarrassment.

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