Dip Dye your Hair with L’Oreal Wild Ombres

L'Oreal Wild Ombres

If the latest celebrity hair trend of dip dyeing your locks has left you reaching for the applicator brush and a mirror to touch up your dark roots, then turn away now, for this is one style that is set to continue. Ombre hair, as it is also known, is the style in which ladies let their sun kissed highlights grow out naturally.

But such has the popularly of this craze grown, with celebrities especially loving the low maintenance look, that the trend of dip dyeing your hair has increased. Dip dyeing is basically taking ombre hair to the extreme and getting that look today, rather than waiting for a few months until your hair naturally grows out.

The style for having ombre hair first started around 18 months ago, but the look is still gaining a huge fanbase and the balayage technique, which is what creates the two coloured style, is still one of the most popular hair colouring requests for autumn/winter 2012.

Nicola Roberts, Mila Kunis, Drew Barrymore & Hilary Swank

Our favourite fashionistas have taken the trend to new levels with A List stars such as Lauren Conrad, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Beckingsale, Drew Barrymore, Miley Cyrus and our own Alexa Chung and Jessie J rocking the new look. The dip dye effect suits all shades of brunette, and is achieved by simply adding faded out beach blondes to the tips, with a graduated colour. For those more adventurous amongst us might want to try the most recent trend of rainbow dyeing the ends in bright colours.

Rachel Bilson, Jessie J, Kate Beckinsale & Caroline Flask

Although the trend of ombre hair may have started by accident, a celebrity here or there just let their holiday hair grow out and it happened to look amazing, now people are willing to spend good money in hair salons to get this particular style. However, as with everything these days, it is not cheap to achieve the look. Thankfully one of our favourite hair and beauty brands, L’Oreal, has come up with a dip dye preparation called Wild Ombres that can be done at home. And as this is quite a tricky look to pull off, their website is packed with video clips, advice and tips on how to get a great ombre effect when using one of their products. Feedback from customers so far has been positive, with many raving about the detailed instructions and the help that the video clips provide. L’Oreal has created three dip dye hair colorant products; Ombre No.1 for light brown to dark brown hair, Ombre No.2 for dark blonde to medium brown hair and Ombre No.3 for blonde to dark blonde hair. Each pack costs £6.99 and are available from all good chemists including Boots.

We think this is one trend that will definitely stay as it is a low maintenance hair style, something that you can now achieve at home and looks relatively easy to do. No more having to touch up your roots, now you just literally dip your hair and the more messed up it looks the more natural it is!

For more information on L’Oreal Wild Ombre Dip Dye hair kits click here.

Photo Credits: Rex Features & PA Photos

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