Asda launch the ‘Lovely Body Dress’ that shave off three inches

I seem to have spent all of this week enthusing about the supermarket that has given us the lowest prices for 12 years in a row – Asda of course. But I am not talking about their amazing deals on food, I’ve come over all excited about their revolutionary clothing ranges, and I am pleased to announce that yes – Asda have done it again with their ‘Lovely Body Dress‘ launch!

‘Lovely Body Dress

Copyright: ASDA

Fresh from their success with helping women to banish muffin tops with their Bum & Tum Jeans, and then scoring another hit with their WonderFit Jeans, designed to fit up to three sizes bigger, they have now launched their ‘Lovely Body Dress’, which they claim can shave off three inches from your waist and hips.

Perfect Hourglass figure

The ‘Lovely Body Dress’ costs £25 and is part of Asda’s Bodysculpt range which creates the illusion of a perfect hourglass figure by using built-in control panels that smooth the stomach, sculpt the thighs and lift the bottom. Not only this, but the Body Shaper Dress takes inspiration from the latest catwalk silhouette dress designs, so favoured by stars such as Kate Winslet and Kate Moss and designed by Stella MacCartney, that create the illusion of a slimmer figure.

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet: Rex Features

Lovely Body Dress Concept

The ‘Lovely Body Dress’ was designed in response to a survey regarding women’s figures and it was noted that the perfect shape was the hourglass figure. Many women said that they were unhappy with their figures and some even said that they would consider cosmetic surgery to achieve this shape. George carried out the survey which 61 per cent of the women polled voted an hourglass shape as the most attractive. The biggest problem area seemed to the stomach, with more than 60 per cent saying that they were unhappy with weight gain in this area, and 41 per cent did not like the size and shape of their rears.

Kate Moss

Kate Moss: PA

However, in the survey males responded to the contrary, and a whopping 72% preferred women with a more shapely figure, including a fuller bust, shapely hips and a rounded bottom.

George brand director Fiona Lambert said women should ‘celebrate’ their curves, not resent them, and added that if ladies looked to control clothing, they could achieve this hourglass shape, rather than go down the surgery route.

Bodysculpt textured midi dress

ASDA Bodysculpt textured midi dress: ASDA

Lambert said: ‘Women should be celebrating their curves and the on-trend illusion ‘LBD’ helps them do just that, giving women hourglass curves in an instant with its very own built in technology.

‘We have created sculpting trousers and skirts in the range featuring the same technology so women can be confident about their appearance no matter what the occasion.’

The Bodysculpt textured midi dress comes with jersey contrast side paneling and contrast back zip fastening, complete with capped sleeves and scoop neck. The ‘Lovely Body Dress’ has hidden support so it shapes and sculpts. It comes in sizes 10 to 22 and costs £25, available in black and white.

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