Nokia Reveals New Lumia 928

The Finnish multinational telecommuncations company Nokia has revealed plans to launch the new Lumia 928, in a bid to break the US market today. This launch is expected to predate a high profile announcement by the company of the group’s smartphone strategy, which is so crucial to their survival.

Nokia Lumia 928

Nokia Lumia 928

The new Nokia Lumia 928 is said to be lighter than it’s predecessor – the 920 handset, and will be sold exclusively through the second-largest US carrier, Verizon. It is thought that by doing this, Nokia are hoping to expand their business share within the smartphone market, as they have fallen behind their rivals – namely Samsung and Apple.

Nokia are expected to make a further announcement next Tuesday in London in which they will outline their strategy for taking forward their smartphone industry, now completely tied to Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform. Experts are already predicting that Nokia will have to succeed in the smartphone market to ensure survival for the longterm viability of the firm.

As such, the new Nokia Lumia 928 handset has been priced at relatively reasonable $99, but only if customers send in a $50 rebate and they have to sign to a two-year deal with Verizon. This is a similar deal currently on offer with the Lumia 920 model, which is currently sold through AT&T.

The 920 handset has not sold that well in the US, as some experts say the phone was simply too heavy at around 185g and many consumers did not like the curved edges of the handset. The new 928 model has addressed these problems, making the handset lighter at 162g, and it also features a 4.5in screen which extends to the edge of the phone, giving it a more modern feel.

The new Lumia 928 will also have a better battery life as according to the specification pages on the Nokia website, there is a maximum talk time of 16.2 hours compared to the old 10.8 of the 920. There is also a maximum standby time of 541 hours compared to 460 hours, and playback time of 80 hours compared to 74.

And photographers will be pleased to learn that the Lumia 928 will come with a Xenon flash rather than the LED flash as seen on the 920. There is also a new and improved speaker that goes up to 140 db.

The 928 handset is available only in two colours, black and white, compared with the more colourful options of the 920 which included blue, red and yellow.

There are similar features in the 928 handset that were present in the old 920 however, which include a 8.7MP camera and 1.5GHz dual core processor by Qualcomm.

It is thought that by releasing the new 928 handset, Nokia are attempting to tap into the lucrative US phone market, which is said to be the richest in the world, however, according to ComScore, Samsung and Apple have cornered the smartphone market, with around 82m of the 137m smartphone users there use one or the other, while Windows Phone has around 3m users.

Nokia are hoping to expand their worldwide sales and recently they have grown. However, they still account for only around 5% of a global smartphone market.

Source: The Guardian

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