Nokia Lumia: The best accessories for your smartphone

It’s been a good year for Nokia which has released a rainbow hued range of Lumia 820 and 920s. So, if you’ve chosen Nokia as your smartphone of choice, there are a host of equally vibrant accessories to choose from. Nokia has teamed up with experts from the world of technology to come up with accessories that stand out from the crowd.

The Ultimate Power Nap: The pillow that charges your phone

power pillow

This has to be our favourite charging device. No more messing about plugging your smartphone in at the wall, just lay it down and it recharges. Nokia has teamed up with the iconic furnishings firm Fatboy to come up with the charging pillow.

We’re sure your phone always has a busy day so you can give it a well-earned rest by simply laying it down on a soft little pillow. Then, when you wake up, it will too, refreshed and recharged for a new day.

The Nokia Lumia comes in an array of bright colours and you can match your pillow to your phone. The charger comes in black, white, yellow, red or blue. The Fatboy costs around £79.99 so clearly isn’t cheap, but we quite like the idea of putting our phone to bed for the night.

Wireless Bluetooth charging headset

Bluetooth headset

Nokia’s Bluetooth headset lets you know if power is running low. Then, you just place the Nokia Luna onto the wireless charger. When you want to use it, you it up out of the cradle and it powers up, connects and answers the call. To finish the call, you just pop it back in the cradle. You can match the headset to your phone.

Wireless headset

Nokia headphones

Nokia’s partnership with Monster has come up with a real style statement. These headphones are very comfortable to wear, with soft ear cushions. There are no wires to get tangled up but if you are somewhere you can’t use Bluetooth, like on a plane, there are tangle-free wires supplied just in case. And, with Monster’s audio expertise, you get great sound quality without any background noise.

JBL speaker

JBL speaker

This clever little gizmo makes it super easy to listen to your favourite tunes. With a wireless connection, all you have to do is tap your phone on the speaker to hear your music. If you have Bluetooth, you can stream wirelessly from up to 10 metres away without having to worry about cables or leads. The sound is clear and there’s a great bass, with a power range of 10 watts, giving a bit of oomph to the tracks you have stored on your smartphone. And the device should work for 10 hours with one battery charge, enough to make sure you can listen all day if you wish.

Nokia charging stand

Nokia charging stand

Another wireless recharging device. This one looks a bit like the stand you keep your landline on. You just place your Lumia on the stand and it charges, with no need to find a connector or plug it in. You know your device is fully charged when the light goes off. It’s also easy to use while charging because it sits upright, allowing you to see the screen clearly even when it’s hands free so you can talk or check your messages if you need to.

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