Nokia Announces Prototype of New Kinetic Device

At this year’s Nokia World, where the Finnish Mobile phone company announces the launch of new products that will be on offer, Nokia announced the release of prototype for a mobile handset that is nothing short of groundbreaking. Under the spearheading of Nokia’s Tapani Jokinen, the product started development as far back as two years ago.

While Nokia’s new “kinetic device” is a real computing device that features an OLED display, its most unique feature is that it has a flexible display, allowing users to zoom in and out of pictures, play and pause music by bowing the unit inward or outward; scroll through music selections with a twist of the device; among others.

It is clear that Nokia is planning on launching a line of products featuring twisty displays, ranging from smartphones, to tablet computers, as the Flexible Tablet Kinetic the company has recently presented shows.

While Jokinen could not give a definitive answer as to whether or not the device may or may not actually become a part of Nokia’s mainstream offerings, Nokia’s Chris Bower is has high hopes for the device.

But let us have a look at its marvellous features:

1. The new Nokia Kinetic device, from which Nokia will probably develop an entire line of hi-end products, will feature a flexible touchscreen – users will be able to flex and twist it and play with it whilst tapping on it.

2. Each movement acts as a specific function: if you twist the device towards yourself, it will select specific items or zoom in/out images. You can use the device’s tactile surface to navigate playlists, play and pause audio files.

3. The prototype Nokia presented featured a smartphone-like shape, only a few inches longer and was very thin.

4. It would be wrong to say that the prototype looked like a flexible smartphone.

To be precise, it looked like something between a Nintendo DS’ screen and a paper. Nobody knows exactly what materials have been used to create the Nokia Kinetic device’s flexible screen but one thing’s for sure: people will go insane for this smartphone as soon as it is officially released.

It is evident that Nokia is getting tired of the press always reporting how great Apple’s phones and tablets are, how many Samsung Galaxy’s have been sold and so on… The Finnish communications corporation hasn’t launched an extraordinary product in quite some time and, even though its mobile phones and smartphones are loved and appreciated by millions of consumers worldwide, Apple has set the bar even higher with its last version of the iPhone, so it’s about time Nokia did something to shock consumers and make the Press talk about it. A line of flexible smartphones, tablet computers, eReaders, mobile phones et cetera will no doubt bring Nokia back to its old glory and make it an opponent to be feared.

If you are one of those people who are constantly on the look out for the coolest gadgets, I suggest you keep an eye on Nokia and wait for it to release its Kinetic line before you run to the nearest Apple store to get yourself the latest iPhone.

So, will this new kinetic device make it to the market? And will there be an actual market for it? Let’s wait and see.

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