No more towels? Dyson’s new hand drying device

Dyson airbladeWe’re used to having hi-end gizmos in our kitchen now. There are the taps which provide us with instant boiling water so we don’t have to fill up our kettles to make a cup of tea. Or how about the stainless steel cooking plates which allow us to whip up our own Teppanyaki dishes? They’re the kind of statement pieces we covet for the heart of our home.

But now Dyson is looking at bringing the wow factor to our bathroom gizmos.

The British technology company, best known for its range of vacuum cleaners, has revealed a new sensory tap which not only washes, but dries, your hands.

Launched in London, the Dyson Airblade Tap, at £999.99, is very much aimed at the commercial market. But, it is also sure to appeal to those with extravagant taste who would like to install one of the gizmos in their own home.

You would, however, save money on towels and laundry. According to Dyson, the Airblade costs a fifteenth of paper towels to run and a fifth of the conventional hand dryers you find in commercial bathrooms.

Dyson airblade imageRather than seeking to evaporate water like traditional models, the Airblade blasts air at your hands at 430mph, scraping off water into the basin.

While the Airblade takes just 10 seconds of time to dry hands, rather than 40 like conventional dryers, it could simply move the queue from the dryer to the sink.

But Dyson said: “The old way of doing it with an air blower or paper towel is ungreen and expensive. It heats up the air and chaps your hands, which is incredibly energy intensive, or you create loads of litter, and recycling it uses lots of energy too. Our method is more like a windscreen wiper, except that the hand is a much more complex shape than a windscreen.”

According to Dyson, a standard air blower, which heats the air, costs around £156 in electricity every year, while the Airblade taps costs just £48.

“There’s also hygiene,” added Dyson. “I don’t think people who use paper towels always clean between their fingers.”

Its true appeal however, will probably not lie in cost factors, but in aesthetics and, for those who install in their own homes, in the novelty factor. This is a definite statement tap – both cool and eco-friendly.Dyson airblade pic

The drying systems, which were first unveiled in New York could certainly be a lucrative business stream for Dyson. According to USA Today, the paper towel industry in the US along is worth $2bn every year.

And, while some mocked Dyson when they made vacuum cleaners without bags, the firm was ultimately proved successful. So, maybe drying your hands without towels at home isn’t quite so far fetched after all.

Also, the motor used by the new gizmo is set to be utilised in other home technology but Dyson is keeping schtum about exactly what else it is working on right now.

The Dyson Airblade will be available from March.

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