Nine of the Best Panniers for all your Biking Needs

Nine of the Best Panniers for all your Biking Needs

Panniers come in all different shapes, sizes and attachments. If you are choosing a new pannier for your bicycle the first question you should be asking is what the pannier is going to be used for the most. Will you be taking it shopping, on your way to work or using it for long distance biking?

Once you have sorted out the reason for buying your panniers you can then decide on the style, fabric, size and attachment features.

Shopping panniers are designed to be large in size with flat bottoms and big open tops for easy storage. You don’t usually get many compartments in shopping panniers.

Commuting panniers tend to have more compartments, are waterproof and have easy access to your personal items.

Touring panniers are designed to keep your personal items balanced on each side of the bike and are generally sturdy and durable. The attachments to the bicycles are usually more robust.

Here are our ten best panniers in the shopping, commuting and touring categories:


Basil Blossom Roses Shopper - £22.52

A single pannier here that comes in a pretty floral pattern. Size is 19L and you can unclasp this from the bike and use it as a shoulder bag while you are shopping, then pop it back onto the bike.

From: athleteshop.co.uk

Fastrider Deluxe Shopper Neon Colours - £38.99

Three different colours available in the Fastrider shopper, pink, green and orange. A lovely flat bottom which is good for standing up bottles and a nice wide opening for easy access. The double closure gives it extra height so that you can fit more in. The hooks can fix onto a shopping trolley and most bike racks.

From: cyclechic.co.uk

Basil Star Double Bike Pannier - £39.99

A cool and funky design on these double bike panniers which are great when you have a lot of shopping to do. The exterior is waterproof and there are reflective straps for extra safety if you are riding at night.

From: cyclechic.co.uk


Altura Arran 36 - £31.81 each

A really good value pannier here that you can buy in single form and a good choice if you want to try out how they feel on your bike. It carries 36L and the fabric is water-resistant, not waterproof, there are also no compartments or pockets but it is a good product for an entry level pannier.

From: formbycycles.co.uk

Carradice Originals Kendal - £100

This company has been manufacturing panniers since the 1930’s, so you know you are in good hands. These panniers are made from waterproof fabric, and come with a handy pocket for your phone or purse and can carry 32L. We like the durable material and the ease of which they attach onto the bikes.

From: carradice.co.uk

Ortlieb Back Roller Plus Panniers - £126.99

A strong waterproof and tear-resistant fabric is why this is a popular choice amongst serious bikers. The panniers can store 40L each, they have reflective patches on the sides and an inside pocket for your personal bits and bobs.  There are five colours available, red, blue, yellow, grey, blue (shown) and black.

From: eveancycles.com


Brand-X Pannier Bags Pair - £17.99

Good value panniers here that are made from a high density woven canvas that will last you for years. You get one big main compartment and extra pockets on the outside. There is also a reflective strip trim for safety when riding at night. The fabric is water-resistant and lightweight.

From: chainreactioncycles.com

Pendleton Single Pannier Bike Bag - £40

A small pannier here designed by Olympic cyclist Victoria Pendleton and carries 13L. It looks more like a satchel than a pannier but we like the easy magnetic closing system. We can imagine this being used for city types who want a stylish-looking pannier that is durable and water-resistant.

From: Halfords.com

Blackburn Wayside Backpack Pannier - £59.95

This is a stylish pannier that is made from water-resistant material and holds 19L. It features a canvas roll-top and comes with a neat design that allows the bag straps to fold into an integrated pouch. You can expand or compress the bag and there is a handy laptop sleeve.

From: bikeinn.com

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