Nikon S3100: The Easy to Bring Gadget for You

If you are a person who is always on the go and love to take pictures but hate bulky cams, then the Nikon S3100 is the right

Nikon S3100

Nikon S3100

gadget for you! A compact, high-end digital camera that you can take anywhere you go, the Nikon Coolpix S3100 is something that you should not miss wherever you are. You are probably not that familiar with new cam, so better continue reading and find out more about this cool and exciting gadget you will never regret having.

Released in February 2011, the new Nikon S3100 has become the latest craze for photography aficionados. Aside from the wide range of colors it is available in, you will never find any dull moment with this new gadget. Just like the Coolpix S300 which is its predecessor, it is light and easy to carry. However, unlike the earlier camera, this S3100 is ultra slim. This camera has 5x optical zoom, 14Mp sensor and the quality of the videos this shoot is already on HD (720p). Nowadays, people would love an all-in-one gadget to lessen the burden of carrying lots of stuff around. And with this new camera, you will be able to shoot quality pictures and record videos in high-definition. Definitely, this camera is what you need to take snap shots of all your endeavors anywhere you go.

The features of this high-end camera will surely wow consumers. It has a sleek 18.4mm body with a wide-angle 5x optical zoom lens. Nikon S3100 also has a 14.0 Megapixel CCD sensor which will surely provide you with high quality and crisp photos. It has a 2.7 inch LDC display that automatically adjusts to the brightness of the surroundings and has an anti- reflection coating. The S3100 also has different scene modes to choose from that will allow more creative photos. This camera also has Electronic vibration reduction, high ISO of up to ISO3200, motion detection, best shot selector, scene auto detector, and smart portrait system. Among the smart portrait system includes, the Smile Timer, Red eye fix, blink proof, and skin softening. You can also edit your photos on the camera. You do not have to transfer the photos to the computer anymore. With the photo enhancement feature of the S3100, you can already improve your photos look prior to transferring it to the computer.

Definitely, with all of this, it is a good buy if you pick this high end camera. Try the Nikon S3100 and enjoy every moment you have it in your hands!

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