Night Out on Top with Sequins

Get "sequin"ed!

Get “sequin”ed!

Sequin is a huge hit with the youngsters as it gives the right amount of glam to your appearance. Sequins is no longer limited to just dresses and gowns these days, you can find sequin sandals, clutches, boots etc. with a lot of sequin work on them. They are perfect for a night out, a wedding, a prom party or even the New Years Eve! You can carry the simple yet attractive look with a simple dress with a sequin top piece. You won’t have to take the efforts to accessorize a lot too.

A simple bracelet and earrings with a clutch in a color matching with your attire will look great! You can simply match the sequin color of your dress with the shoe or sandal and look radiant and striking among the crowd. There is huge variety for you to choose from in terms of the color of the sequin for your attire, clutch and even the sandal. You can choose from the tacky sequins, brassy sequins and the flimsy sequins. Celebrities and designers are carrying this look, so why should you be left? Go with the sequin look for yourself today!

A sequin clutch bag to add the glamour quotient

A sequin clutch bag to add the glamour quotient

You can conveniently find tank tops and tube tops in sequin work, stretch sequin dresses, sequin halter dresses, sequin chiffon dresses, gowns with a dash of blaze with the sequins designed on them etc. to name a few. These sequin dresses look very attractive and stylish. They come in superior quality fabrics which is skin friendly ranging from lush silk, satins, crepes, organza, chiffons etc. They come in a variety of designs, patterns, textures and palette of colors. They are finely stitched, durable and have anti-shrinkage properties. You will feel great with the amount of attention you gain from the male counterparts in this incredibly trendy and appealing sequin dresses. The best part of choosing a sequin dress is that it suits all body types and skin tones. You can also choose from the full-length gowns to the short cocktail dresses with bare backs.

Whichever style you choose, you are bound to gain a lot of attention from one and all! Sequin work is no longer limited to the night gowns and other part wear clothing. They are gaining increasing popularity as a day time wear too. However, moderation and to tone down is the key in this aspect. You don’t want to look over dressed after all, do you? A sequin dress with a lot of accessories will look very glittery. So mineralizing the sparkling effect by keeping the other things simple will be helpful indeed. Let the sequin be the star of the ensemble. The striped sequins are perfect to add some flash and shine to your outfit. The sequin clothing available at leading store these days has captivated the entire world with a completely sophisticated yet chic style catering to the younger generation indeed! As for the footwear, you can choose from the high-heeled ones to flat or ballet slippers depending up on what is convenient for you.

The sequin work adds a lot of glam to the simple footwear. You can choose from the lighter shades in color to the louder and bold shades. The comfort factor is more in the flat footwear however those of you who are used to wearing heels can go with the high-heeled ones too. The sequin work is beautifully done on footwear giving them the right amount of importance in transforming your entire look! There are so many options available in the fashion market these days that you can ponder over, ranging from the simple purses with a bit of sequin work here and there to the completely heavy worked clutches. They are designed in a palette of colors leaving you with much variety to choose from such as lavender, pink, red, black, green, turquoise, fuchsia, rust, navy blue, mustard, tan, chocolate-brown etc. and not to forget golden and silver. The sequined clutches in gold and silver make a bold statement, so team it with a simple dress in off white or ivory shade and matching footwear.

There is an enticing range in the market in terms of the sequined dresses, sandals and clutches leaving you with much variety to choose from. So check them out and get the ultra-modern look today!

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