Nicki Minaj reveals first pictures of her Kmart collection

The colorful and outspoken judge on American Idol – Nicki Minaj has released snaps on Instagram of her recent collaboration with Kmart. But a quick peek at the futuristic designs, which include a a figure hugging dress, a two piece leggings and crop top ensemble, and a sweatshirt and jogging bottoms combo, suggest that perhaps only Minaj’s fans would wear the clothing range.


The 30-year-old rapper from Trinidad popped the three pictures up on her Instagram page, and her fans posted comments which ranged from asking where they could buy the clothes from, to comments about prices.

In all the pictures Minaj was modelling the clothes herself, but said in an interview back in June, that the clothing line is targeted towards ‘women in general’. Having said that, it is very difficult to image any but the colorful singer wearing the outlandish pieces, as they are quite eye-catching and I think you would have to feel either very confident wearing something like that, or not really care what other people think about you.


The collection for Kmart is set to be available in stores this fall, and Minaj is getting excited about her first range of clothing, as she commented on the dress, saying that it ‘Hugs u in all the right places’, and of the jogging outfit she remarked ‘Studio outfit. Each piece has the matching top/bottom. Love this jacket. #prettygang’.

A sneak preview of the range, released in June showed an interview with Minaj saying: “I’m doing this for women in general to feel beautiful and sexy. Any woman can wear it and feel confident.” She also talked about a song by Beyonce, and said that her clothing range was for girls who want ‘grown and sexy stuff. . . You know, these 21 and 22 [year-olds], they want to go to the club and wear them freakum dresses.’

Whilst we can totally imagine Minaj wearing every single one of the items posted up on her Instagram page, we can’t really picture ‘normal’ girls wearing this type of gear. When you compare it to the recent offering from Rihanna, her collection featured very classic colours, in simple tailored pieces but with a bit of a twist.


However, the twist was not too outrageous as to put off her teenage fans, it was just outrageous enough for them to feel rebellious enough to wear, but not completely put them off wearing it. The double denim jeans and the jumper tied shorts were an instant success and completely original.

This collection from Minaj looks a tad, well Kmart, and slightly trailer park trash if I’m honest. It looks as if a middle-aged woman with no taste would wear it. It is not edgy, out there, breaking boundaries or particularly good-looking.

You might disagree and want to see more however, so head over to Instagram and check it out and you can follow Nicki on Twitter at #thenickiminajcollection

Picture credit: ©Digital/Eroteme.co.uk

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