Nexus S: The Newest Google Phone from Android

Samsung, the multi-billion electronic company, made the most of the technology with its provocative, stylish and most advanced phones like the Nexus S. They have been the picture of the word “latest”, most especially when they launched this Google phone in the market.

Nexus S is the first phone to have Gingerbread. What is this Gingerbread? It is the fastest version of Android. It can multi-task, it has an improved keyboard and includes Near Field Communication support, and it has easy copy-and-paste command and many more. The whole phone process is practically fast – it opens fast, tabs are so quick to respond, the internet loads much quicker and the navigation from one application to another is very easy. Moreover, it has a slick black notification bar with a multi-touch sensor that makes typing fast and accurate. This particular phone can also function as a Wi-Fi hotspot so your friends can also enjoy the leisure of the internet. Regarding its gaming, you’ll never regret this futuristic gadget. It has a Graphics Processing Unit, making mobile games so fast and smooth.

Nexus S has a Contour Display. It has a thin glass panel making it slimmer. It has a brighter screen with high contrast creating real-life colors for images. Its brightness is 2 times higher than any LCD displays. Because of its curved glass screen, it fits easy on your hand.

Now, because it is a Google phone, it has pre-installed Google applications such as Google search, Gmail, Voice Actions, Google Maps and Navigation and more. With its Google Maps application, you can explore the planet in 3D definition. You can see from you very own palm even the details of the place you are searching. Moreover, as an Android phone, it has access on Android Market which gives you access to over 150,000 applications, games and widgets.

Because of these splendid features, it’s very reasonable to protect this phone. That is why there are sites offering special case designs which are all fitting to this costly phone. Some examples of this casing are Amzer Silicone Skin Jelly case, Amzer Luxe Argyle Soft Gel case, Seidio SURFACE case, S Curve Gel case and Case-Mate Pop. These are all available in the World Wide Web. All you have to do is search and click. With a phone like Nexus S, you will not bother thinking twice if you’re going to buy a case or not because this phone really deserves protection and care.

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