New Year Holiday ideas: Norwegian Fjords (Part 2)

Winter is no doubt a great time to visit Norwegian fjords, as that is when the countryside is white and crisp under a blanket of snow and ice. However, the land is awash with colour in the summer, and the wildlife to be seen on and around the Norwegian fjords is as diverse as arctic wolves, reindeer herds and whales basking and swimming in the waters of the fjords which are rich in food and nutrients.

Don’t forget to take a camera or digital camcorder, it is good to have the memories of your cruise in your head, but every so often you will be able to take the album out and reminisce from time to time about the fjords you visited, or indeed watch the videos. The cruise Norwegian fjords packages will take you to all of the four major fjords regions on the Norwegian coast. These are: Møre and Romsdal, Sogn & Fjordane, Hordaland and Rogaland, depending on the cruise Norwegian fjords package you book, the cruise vessel and departure point, as well as the cruise month of year.

Excursions from your cruise vessel to explore the glaciers that have shaped the Norwegian fjords landscape can be arranged either before you travel on your cruise Norwegian fjords or during one of the stopovers. In the Norwegian winter, as the ice extends further south from the arctic, you will see huge, spectacular icebergs and ice flows, and some of the cruise vessels are what are termed “ice breakers”, able to deal with ice obstacles. The interiors of the cruise vessels are all snug and warm, much different to the many degrees below zero temperatures you will experience on deck while at sea or on the land.

Maybe from your cruise vessel you will see a waterfall frozen in time, like something out of a Hans Christian Andersen fairy story The Norwegian landscape is one of vast tracts of open land called tundra, and also large areas of forestation, and it is here that excursions can be arranged from your Norwegian fjords cruise, on snow mobiles or by vehicle, or by small zodiac inflatable boats able to traverse the smallest of tributaries that run off from the main fjords and into the Norwegian hinterland. What can be guaranteed from your Norwegian fjords cruise adventure is a sense of journeying into the unknown, (far more exciting than a cruise in the Caribbean) many of the places you will cruise past small towns and villages on the coast are seldom visited by tourists from the land, so you are part of an exclusive group of people. Perhaps on your cruise adventure you will want to try out sea kayaking or glacier walking.

Ask bout all these possibilities when booking your holiday package. All of the vessels have exquisite cuisine prepared and served on board, as well as a well stocked bar for socializing with your fellow adventurers.

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