New Year Holiday Ideas: Norwegian Fjords (Part 1)

To cruise Norwegian fjords once in your life is an experience never to be forgotten, the breathtaking beauty of the steep sides of the fjords in all their glory will truly capture your heart. Most of the cruise vessels in the cruise Norwegian fjords fleet are shallow draft, therefore allowing access to the shallowest ports in the Norwegian fjords, and seeing local small town and village life as it really is, away from the larger tourist areas.

Wondering what fjords cruise vessels are like?

Well first of all, the best type of vessel to cruise Norwegian fjords is a shallow draft boat, that means it sits in the water with a shallow hull, generally sitting no more than two and a half meters deep, thus allowing access to all of those “hidden” spots out-of-the-way places that the larger more well-known cruise ships cannot reach. For the more northerly Norwegian destinations, then the deeper draft cruise vessels are more suited. The Norwegian fjords tend to be deeper than the open sea close to the Norwegian coast due to the geology of fjords.

Consider that much of the coast has still not risen from being weighted down by millions of tons of ice during the last ice age Moreover, expedition cruise vessels are equipped with small inflatable Zodiac boats, enabling you to cruise up and down the smaller branches and on to those small beaches, tiny islands and little tributaries that would normally be missed by passengers and visitors. Cruise Norwegian fjords itineraries will include the Nærøyfjord and Aurlandsfjord fjords which are in the southern part of the county of Sogn og Fjordane, slap bang in the middle of Norwegian fjords country. The World Heritage Area of the Aurlandsfjord and the Nærøyfjord fjords are also branches of the Sognafjord, the second longest of all the fjords in the world.

The area is rich in extreme, dramatic and stunning scenery. Most vessels will pass by the beautiful small towns of Flåm, Aurland and Gudvangen, which are rich in houses, churches and mysterious footpaths that tourists usually overlook. The good thing about these towns is that, although small, they all have buses and trains so people can easily move from one place to another, even though you are strongly recommended to rent a bike and enjoy the fresh air and magnificent scenarios whilst cycling. During your voyage of discovery you will see snow-covered Norwegian peaks, steep-sided fjords interspersed with majestic waterfalls, and pretty as a picture villages seemingly appearing out of nowhere.

The rigid inflatable boats available on all Norwegian fjords vessels give passengers on cruise Norwegian fjords itineraries time to explore the native flora and fauna as well as the wildlife that inhabits the water and the land around the fjords. Arctic terns and foxes, and maybe a few odd whales are not unknown around here. Perhaps you are a budding (sic) naturalist, keen to learn more about Norwegian indigenous species.

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