New Work Attitudes for the New Year

Today is the first day of work in 2012 for most of us, and getting back to the grindstone can be a bit of a culture shock! At the same time, many people like to make changes to the way they approach their work, and there is no time like the beginning of a new year to do so. So what can you do to help yourself maintain focus and make the most of your position throughout 2012?

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The very first place to start is by re-working your workspace. Whether you work in an office or at home, this is an important step to take. Clear off your desk and empty your drawers and shelving of anything that you don’t actually need. If this requires you to sacrifice some break-time, try to do it anyway; don’t make a habit of this, as I will mention later, but do it this once to get your workspace tidy and ready. Alternatively, stay a little late to get things sorted out. Make sure you have all the supplies you’ll need to hand; spare pens, paper and paperclips are a good idea, for example. While you’re there, tidy up your computer. Some extra filing and sorting and the implementation of a sound backup system can make a huge difference and you’ll be able to remove any applications from your computer that you no longer use, allowing you to free up more of your hard drive and possible improve the running of your PC.

Secondly, consider your in-work appearance. Do you always show up dressed to the nines, or do you take the Mickey out of your company’s dress code? Be careful and consider replacing your work wardrobe. Tesco can help you with cheap, serviceable suits and even great new office shoes for little money, but other places are also able to provide an excellent new wardrobe. If you’re a lady on the larger size, consider Evans; they sell a lovely range of larger-size clothing, some of which is excellent in terms of office-wear. If you’ve been a bit ragged at the edges of late, consider setting your alarm a little earlier from now on so you’ll have time to style your hair, get dressed appropriately and make sure you look just perfect. Consider polishing your shoes in the evening, if you need to – this will allow you to get going in the morning with shoes you can simply step into!

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Finally, prepare your work goals for the year and rework your attitude. Are you angling for a promotion or a pay rise? If you have specific goals then make sure you’re aware of them and can keep them clear in your mind. Work as hard as you can throughout the day, and go the extra mile wherever possible. Don’t overdo it – take your breaks and make sure you don’t skip lunch unless there is really no other choice. But do finish all your work as well and as quickly as you can, then ask for more – being keen and getting the job done is the best way to secure professional advancement. By clearly having a layout to your day allowing you to anticipate breaks and times when you can chill allows you to stay motivated; you won’t feel you’re going to be working forever. But put your all into those hours when you are working, and you’ll soon see the benefit!

Ultimately, reworking your working schedule, methodology and attitude for 2012 is a great idea. You’ll be able to enjoy your work a lot more and you’ll become more efficient and a better worker. Good luck and enjoy!

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