New Trends in Engagement Rings for 2015

Once-upon-a-time engagement rings were a pretty standard affair. You had your solitary diamond, in a standard setting and everyone lived happily ever-after.

These days, much as weddings have become less traditional, so have proposals and the rings that cement them.

Not only are brides-to-be shunning the solitaire diamond style, they are choosing engagement rings with different gems, alternative settings and much more creative designs.

It seems that nowadays there’s definitely no set formula if you are thinking of setting your love in jewellery.

Here’s what we think will be the hottest engagement styles this year.

Cluster Rings


Why have just one diamond when you can have several? This year the cluster ring is a popular choice for ladies who want an eye-catching ring.

The trend for 2015 is to eschew your standard clear white diamond and opt instead for a coloured one.

Pick a central stone surrounded by smaller gems or a cluster of miniatures stones. Think pinks or blues and go for as many as you dare!

Trinity Rings


Rings that contain three stones, sometimes called “trinity” or “trilogy” rings, are supposed to signify a couples’ past, present, and future.

These engagement rings are especially meaningful, and you can even choose different stones to represent special people in your life. For example, birthstones can be used to denote children, or loved ones that are no longer with us.

Different Gem Stones


Many younger couples are opting for a different gem stone instead of the traditional diamond. This gives so much scope, it almost warrants a whole other article in itself. But for now, choosing your special gemstone should mean something important to you.

Did you that that moonstones for example, are regarded to be the lovers’ stone, and are said to encourage feelings of tenderness and emotional wellbeing.

Black Gold


Choosing a ring with a blackened setting is a real showstopper. You can pick from various different blackened metals, including platinum and silver.

Girls that choose blackened engagement rings are likely to be more individual in their style and nature, and do not conform to the norm.

The great thing about blackened rings is that you can remain traditional with your stones or opt for a more modern setting.

Yellow Diamonds


Once thought to be the inferior of all diamonds, these distinctive stones are now making a comeback.

The yellow colour is due to a few carbon atoms changing into nitrogen, but this slight imperfection is now considered to be a rarity and not a reason to ignore them.

They are also not associated with conflict and human rights issues that mining diamonds in Africa are commonly linked with.



Picking an older ring that comes with its very own history is a bold choice. But when you consider that many families pass down their engagement rings through the years, it is not perhaps that surprising.

If you are going for a vintage ring, try to find out where it came from. If you can’t then be sure to choose one that appeals to you visually.

Vintage rings are typically more ornate than modern offerings and may need resizing or a good clean before you see their full potential, so don’t write any off.

Some rings will just call out to you and become yours. In this sense you are creating your own history with the ring.

One thing to remember about vintage rings is to make sure the stone is authentic before you part with any money.

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