New to adventure holidays? Find out how to book one.

A Boy riding a cycle

A Boy riding a cycle

Where do most of your friends and family members spend their holidays? Let me guess: France, Spain, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, USA…

That is because these places, despite being way more expensive than less “popular” ones, are hospitable, safe and are sure to be rich in comfortable accommodations, whether they are luxury resorts, hotels or holiday homes.

You will find parks and natural reserves in all of these countries, however, if it is something more “spontaneous” and adventurous you are looking for, there are a few options worth considering.

If your health and private life are suffering because of overwork, you should know that you are not alone. In fact, there are many people like you who tend to sacrifice their families, health and wellness for their careers. Well we all need a break sometimes and, seeing as it is summer, this might be the perfect time to consider trying something new.

Countries like Ecuador, Peru, Rwanda and Madagascar have a lot in common: they are very different from the places you are used to visiting, uncontaminated, affordable and ignored by most tourists, who would rather spend a week visiting churches and historical sites in Rome than exploring new places.

Now, nobody is saying that you have to fly to one of these countries and risk getting lost.  There are several tour operators, such as Exodus (exodus.co.uk), which offer affordable trips to these beautiful places. Just to give you an idea of how much a trip to these uncontaminated places would cost, here are a few packages which you might find interesting:

–         16 days in Peru, a country that has been home to various civilizations, such as the Incas, and is rich in archaeological sites, fortresses and ancient cities. Total cost: around £ 3, 000

–         16 days in Madagascar. The itinerary would include visits to breathtaking landscapes, such as mountains and sandstone formations in Isalo National Park. You would also get to see the  beautiful Avenue of Baobas, known for its baobas trees which you don’t usually spot in Europe or USA. Total cost: around £ 3, 000.

So, where are you going for your next holiday?

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