New spray Inhibitif could mark the end of hairy legs forever!

It is one of our beauty regimes chores that women across the globe struggle with – the hairy leg. And now that summer is on its way, we can no longer hide our Yeti style limbs in layers of woolly tights or over the knee socks. No, the legs must come out when the weather warms up, but with this comes the grinding bore of either having to shave every two to three days, struggling with home waxing kits or booking a session at your local beauty salon.

Women and their hairy legs tend to fall into one of these three categories – the shavers, the waxers or the lasers. I’m a shaver, and do not even attempt to mow my lawn like legs during the winter, but once spring has arrived it’s a different ball game. The legs have to be smooth, hair free and have a hint of a summer tan before I release them onto an unsuspecting world. But with my over hairy legs it takes time to achieve this summer glowing look.



So when I read that there was a product on the market that claimed to do away with the necessity of shaving, I was already sold. New and exclusively available at Boots, there is an innovative new product called Inhibitif that boasts a minimising effect on hair follicles, to the point where we shouldn’t need to pick up our razors anymore.

The spray costs £29.99 and is said to be enough for around seven weeks. It is a highly concentrated serum which works by targeting hair growth in three different ways:

  • It radically slows down the growth-rate
  • It weakens the hair as it begins to grow
  • It targets the signals that tell each hair to start growing

The makers of Inhibitif say that the serum is suitable for both men and women, and can be used on all skin types, from fair to dark. It is recommended that you spray Inhibitif immediately after you have shaved, thus allowing the concentrated serum to penetrate deep into the hair follicle shaft. And the good news is that you can stil apply fake tan products, or moisturisers, body lotions or sun protection after you have used Inhibitif.

The product contains two chemicals that work side by side to target hair growth; lauryl isoquinolinium bromide weakens the hair as it begins to grow, and dihydromycerin targets the signals that tell each hair to enter its growth phase. Other ingredients include chemicals that moisturise your skin and protect it whilst you are using the product, and maize extract and aloe, which help the serum sink into the hair roots.

mr_88be6866ff8b09The founder of the company behind Inhibitif – Brandon Trueaxe comments on the use of unknown chemicals in the formula: “People may be scared of these long names, but all these ingredients are actually widely used, safe chemicals,” he adds: “For instance, dihydromycerin is a derivative of the African bayberry tree and our skin-protecting ingredient is derived from an Arctic algae that has been used in extremely expensive anti-ageing creams to soothe and repair irritated skin. In my opinion, all other products that claim to be hair-minimising are ineffective.

Almost every one of these products uses some fruit extract and makes a claim that it reduces body hair. The sad truth is they simply don’t work. So I decided to explore the area and reached out to every pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical company that I had a relationship with. Coincidentally, two had recently conducted clinical trials showing that such a solution is indeed feasible today.”

And with this knowledge he went on to create Inhibitif.

So are there any downsides to using Inhibitif we wondered. Well, you do have to apply it twice a day, but it is a spray so there isn’t much difficulty with that, and apparently the scent of the spray is a pleasing peppermint. The spray is also said to dry quickly, so unlike some products, you don’t have to walk around like John Wayne for half an hour before you can get going.

If you fancy trying Inhibitif, you can find it at Boots, priced at £29.99, online and instore.

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