New skincare patch that banishes cellulite while you sleep

Getting rid of cellulite can be an exhausting affair; from body brushing, extended sessions at the gym, and the application of all kinds of creams and lotions. So a relatively easy way to tackle the dreaded orange peel dimpled skin should come as a welcome relief. For us lazy girls out there, who suffer from the dimpled skin effect, simply popping on a skincare patch seems like an amazing solution to getting rid of cellulite.


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But this is not science fiction, renowned skincare experts Germaine de Capuccini have perfected the world’s first clear plastic plasters, and claims that over eight hours, the patches deliver a concentrated, sustained and gradual supply of ingredients, all designed to help fight against cellulite.

Called Fit Body Patches, the patches are unique in that they are clear, so can be worn anywhere on the body, wherever you need to banish cellulite, be it your thighs, arms, stomach or hips, and as they work over an eight-hour period, it is best to pop them on at night, just before you go to bed.

Germaine de Capuccini: Fit Body Cellulite Patches - £73.40

Germaine de Capuccini: Fit Body Cellulite Patches – £73.40

Germaine de Capuccini, who manufacture the Fit Body Patches say that the ingredients of bladderwrack algae, caffeine, green tea, ivy and horse-chestnut extracts are all designed to work together, by using a lymphatic, firming and draining effect, in an attempt to get rid of toxins that build up and accumulate in the body and cause the dimpled effect on skin.

The patches are particularly useful for targeting stubborn areas of cellulite, and continued wearing of the patches will gradually help to reduce the orange peel effect. The Fit Body Cellulite Patches cost £73.40 for a 28 day treatment plan, and are not suitable for children under 12, or breast-feeding women.

They release the ingredients continually over eight hours, where the combination of bladderwrack algae, caffeine, green tea, ivy and horse-chestnut extracts have all been tested and designed to act on accumulations. Continued use also helps to prevent cellulite from building up and it gradually reduces their size.

Germaine de Capuccini say that after treatment, ‘the padding effect is reduced and the skin appears smoother, whilst stubborn contours appear more refined and uniform.’

The best way to use the Fit Body Cellulite Patches is to apply them in one movement (so no sticking on and re-sticking) to a certain area that suffers from cellulite. Leave the patch on for eight hours and then remove in the morning. Carry on with this treatment for 28 days, making sure that the skin is clean and dry, as this will enable the patch to adhere correctly. After eight hours of  continuous action, the patch is then easy to remove.

You can use this 28 day treatment several times a year, but make sure that you have a break of at least a week between each application.

Inside each 28 day treatment box you will find four envelopes and inside each there is a sheet with 7 patches. The sheet indicates one weeks treatment.

For more information or to buy visit germaine-de-capuccini.co.uk

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