New Serum from Origins could mean the end to mini-facelifts?

New Serum from Origins could mean the end to mini-facelifts?

For some people, making the decision to have cosmetic surgery is a no-brainer. It could be that they have been dissatisfied with their looks for a long time and are prepared to face the risks of surgery. For others, however, this could be a step too far, and they are the kind of people that look for solutions in a bottle.

Over the years, beauty companies have made some pretty outrageous claims regarding the efficacy of their products, but one company is calling their latest serum ‘a personal trainer for your face’.

The product is called Plantscription Powerful Lifting Concentrate by Origins and costs $62 or £52.

The serum contains powerful anti-ageing ingredients that make your skin look tightened, toned and lifted. The botanical-based brand uses natural ingredients that enhance, repair and boost the skin’s own production of proteins that help maintain the structure of our skin.

These ingredients include Anogeissus which is derived from an African tree called ‘Siiga’. In African culture, this means the ‘soul’ and is traditionally revered by local tribes in the area in which it grows. These local tribes discovered that the bark from this tree healed wounds, and in the laboratory, the team at Origins learned that this substance promoted the production of fibrillin, the protein that gives skin its youthful bounce.

The second main ingredient is Commiphora, which is a small tree that belongs to the myrrh family. This ingredient is used to stimulate the blood under the skin’s surface and at the same time tightening this surface layer.

Other ingredients include acacia gum and red microalgae which both help to produce a lifting and tightening effect. They also help bring back the skin’s natural volume and definition.

So far customer reviews have been positive, with consumers stating that they can instantly feel a ‘tightening effect’; that skin looked ‘clearer and brighter’ after using it and they could see ‘an improvement’ in the skin’s texture.

As for clinical trials, Origins tested the serum over two weeks and the results showed that skin was improved along with texture and the jawline was visibly lifted.

You can buy Origins Plantscription Powerful Lifting Concentrate here for $62 or here for £52.

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