New Releases: Bring Back Your Love of the Cinema

The cinema retains a great draw, and whether you plan to go alone, with friends, or on a date – new releases titillate and excite all who plan to view them. Why not consider these films, due out on British silver screens soon?

Abduction is coming out in the UK on the 30th of September. With Taylor Lautner, of Twilight-series fame, it promises a thrill a minute. Nathan Harper (Lautner) finds out he was abducted as a small child. Who are the people claiming to be his parents, and why was he kidnapped? Soon, he finds himself pursued by a variety of warring factions, and has to run to stay alive. If you’re into action, this is a great choice, and don’t let the Twilight credentials scare you off. If you prefer a story that’s got a bit more depth to it, however, you’re best off giving it a miss.

Like sharks? Like 3D? Shark Night is your ideal match, and is equally available in 2D for those who prefer their films flat, hitting the screens as of the 30th of September. Sara, played by Sara Paxton, is bringing some friends to her parents’ summer cabin on a remote island for a weekend of fun, sun, and watersports. What they’ve yet to discover is that the lake has been packed full of vicious, man-eating sharks. Can’t get worse? They find out in a tiny speedboat! Gore, bikinis and sharks. What else could you ask for? Again, however, there’s more style than substance.

Again available from the 30th, Melancholia promises to bring something new to the table. Kirsten Dunst and Alexander Skarsgard star alongside Kiefer Sutherland and John Hurt in this riveting drama. Justine (Dunst) and Micheal (Skarsgard) are planning to get married, but the wedding is threatening to implode into a huge family drama. Meanwhile, the earth is set to collide with a planet that has emerged from behind the sun. A spell-binding story recorded in a beautiful way. Definitely style and substance, and will leave you haunted for days.

What are you waiting for? Cinemas near your home will be playing these films – and more – before you know it!

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