New Mini iPad is here!

Apple have unveiled the new mini iPad and it is has a 7.9 inches screen, is 7.2mm thick, is set to go on sale on November 2nd and will cost from £269 to £599 ($329 to $659). The new device was revealed by Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing, Phil Schiller at a special event today in San Jose California, who said: “You can hold it in one hand, this isn’t a shrunken down iPad, it’s an entirely new design.”

Apple’s new iPad mini is available in black and white and customers can pre-order it online from this Friday. It has a 1024 x 768 pixel display, weighs in at 0.68 lbs which Apple says is ‘the same as a pad of paper’, is 7.1mm thick, described as ‘as thick as a pencil’ and uses a dual core A5 chip. The battery life is 10 hours, it has FaceTime HD and 5 megapixel iSight cameras and ultrafast wireless.

Apple boss Tim Cook took the stage at San Jose’s California theatre to introduce Apple’s latest blockbuster product. Cook told his waiting audience how Apple has now sold over 100m iPads around the world, saying ‘people love their iPad.’ “We couldn’t be more thrilled by how quickly iPad has been embraced – but we know we are just getting started.” Tim Cook revealed Apple’s latest stats:

There are now:

  •  200 million iOS 6 devices
  • 100m iPads sold
  • 125 million documents in the cloud
  • 300 billion iMessages sent
  • 160 million player signed up to play games online
  • 70 million photos shared
  • 700,000 apps
  • 275,000 iPad apps
  • 35 billion apps downloaded
  • $6.5bn paid to developers
  • 1.5 million books, 400m downloaded

The firm believes Apple could sell 5 million iPad minis in the December quarter, but that will be at the expense of 1 million 9.7in iPads. “For every 5 million smaller iPads, you lose 1 million standard iPads,” Gene Munster wrote. Apple may have cornered the market in tablets but research suggests that they might be losing their grip on the market as a U.S. survey by the Pew Research Center shows that the flood of cheaper tablets, such as the Google Nexus or Amazon Fire, are weakening Apple’s grip.

A year ago, Apple had more than 80 per cent of the market, but this has now dropped to less around 52 per cent. The Kindle Fire has 21 per cent of the market, meanwhile Samsung’s Galaxy tablet has eight per cent. Out of those surveyed, 44 per cent of adults who said they have a smartphone, 46 per cent have an Android phone, 38 per cent, have an iPhone and 10 per cent have a Blackberry. The tablet market has also grown among children as young as three.

All photo credits: Apple

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