New Lotto Advert fails to inform customers of price rise to £2

The adverts are everywhere, with ordinary folk singing to themselves, in hushed tones to start with, then breaking out musical stylie, all to announce the revamped New Lotto. And the advert is very keen to let you know about all the fabulous new prizes. From October 5th, there’s a bigger jackpot with a special prize this Saturday of £10 million, and now if you match just 3 numbers you will win £25 instead of a tenner. Plus, everytime you play a line of the lotto, you will be entered into a raffle, where you have the chance to win £20,000.


After the special launch jackpot of £10 million, the top prize will revert to a Saturday jackpot of £5 million and a Wednesday jackpot of £2.5 million (estimated).

All sounds good so far, until you realise that the price of a standard lotto ticket is rising to £2. Now I have scrutinised the new Lotto advert, and nowhere do any of the people state that the price is going up. The only time it is mentioned, and again, I stress that no one actually says it, is when a poster for the Lotto appears in the background as people are passing by it, and you can see on the poster on the bottom left-hand corner, a small £2 to indicate the new price. But blink and you would definitely miss it.

And that is not all we discovered, because whereas some of the top prizes are going up, and there is the addition of a new raffle, some of the prizes are actually being reduced. Take a look at the table which the National Lottery produced themselves. It shows that before October 5th, if you matched 5 balls plus the bonus ball, you would have won £100,000, but after the 5th, and with the new price of £2 per ticket, matching the same amount of numbers will only net you half that, a measly £50,000.


Similarly, if you’d matched 5 balls before the 5th October, you would have received £1,500, but after the 5th you’ll only get a grand.

The lotto still think that it is worth celebrating, so they are having two launch events, the first on Saturday 5th and the second on 12th October 2013 where there will be a guaranteed jackpot of £10 million. And on each of these two nights they will also be holding a raffle in which 1,000 winners will all be guaranteed to win £20,000 each.

You can buy tickets for the new lotto from 3rd October 2013 by visiting their website or at participating stores.

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