New iPhones: Latest iPhone 5S and 5C rumours

iphone 5S backplateWith release dates edging ever closer for two new iPhones, fresh details have emerged which suggest the iPhone 5S will boast the most professional camera to date, while the cheaper iPhone C will feature a scratch resistant case.

According to reports from a usually reliable Chinese fan site, Apple’s latest flagship smartphone, the iPhone 5S will feature a dual flash to improve the quality of its photographs.

It is believed the iPhone 5S will have a dual LED flash, which should add more light to shots, making subjects look brighter and more illuminated.

There’s also speculation the new flash will not only feature two lights, but will feature two different colour lights – one yellow-based and one white.

iphone 5C pinkLight sensors on the iPhone will determine the amount of light needed from each flash to produce good quality images in different conditions such as at concerts or outdoors at dusk.

Meanwhile, speculation surrounding Apple’s cheaper iPhone, dubbed the iPhone 5C, suggests despite being low-cost, it will be remarkably robust.

The Californian tech giant has already come in for criticism about the new cheaper handset, even before it is officially unveiled, with some saying it looks flimsy.

But, a video has emerged showing what is purported to the iPhone C case being put inside a plastic bag full of keys, coins and nails before it is shaken. The case is removed and is shown to be still scratch free.

It’s a test that would emulate what the iPhone would be put through during daily use, as it’s thrown into a handbag or thrust into a pocket containing other items.

The iPhone 5C is also said to be slightly thicker than the current iPhone 5, because it is being made with plastic, not aluminium like the more high-end models.

The case for the iPhone 5C is shown in a sky blue colour along with a pink hued version in the new footage, but is said to come in a range of shades which also include green, red and yellow.iPhone 5C images

According to the website Macotakara, sources in Asia have confirmed the name, the iPhone 5C, with the C said to stand not as some suggested for cheap, but for colour.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 5S is expected to be available in black, white and gold, setting it apart from cheaper models.

Techcrunch says it has been told by “multiple sources” that a gold iPhone 5S is on the cards.

The date being cited most for Apple to officially unveil its next-generation smartphones is September 10th, so Apple fans don’t have long to wait. So far, dozens of artists’ impressions and mock-ups of what the new devices could look like are floating around the web. But soon, the real things will be unveiled.

The Nikkei newspaper in Japan is claiming that the iPhone 5C and 5S will both launch in Japan on September 20th, with a launch possible in other major markets, including the UK and the US, at the same time.

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