New Ikea Stockholm Collection 2017 is pure luxury

New Ikea Stockholm Collection 2017 is pure luxury

We are all used to products from Ikea having a certain style and affordability. Indeed, the Swedish furniture manufacturer is known for budget items that do not go out of fashion and have a distinct scaled down appeal. I always pop to my local Ikea when I run out of smaller items, such as lamps or glassware to compliment my existing furniture. To me, Ikea stands for student, bargain and a certain age. You grow out of Ikea and move onto more luxurious and stand-out pieces of furniture.

So it surprised me to learn that Ikea’s latest collection – Stockholm is all about luxurious pieces that have appeal to all ages. Gorgeous velvet sofas and textured rugs in Missoni-inspired stripes alongside hand-blown glass, this isn’t the Ikea I am used to.

Say hello to The Stockholm collection, which features 47 pieces, and includes items such as cushions, glassware, cabinets, side tables and luxurious sofas.

And talking about that sofa, a statement on the Ikea website reads:

“The new Stockholm sofa is big and generous, deep and lined with lots of cushions. Actually, it’s less a sofa and more of a nest for the whole family, made to be used and enjoyed.”

As with all products from Ikea, this new range is affordable, with the highest priced item that gorgeous sofa, retailing at £1,150.

Ikea say that at the heart of the Stockholm collection is “smart craftsmanship” and “slow living”, which we take to mean a nod to the hygge trend that dominated last year.

This is the fourth time a Stockholm collection has been released, the first was back in 1984 and the last was in 2006.

All the pieces of furniture are designed with comfort and easy-living in mind, as well as a kind of tribute to the 1950s and 60s, according to Ikea designer Ola Wilborg, who says: “We wanted to contrast straight lines and curved shapes, painted surfaces and natural wood, glossy finishes with matte surfaces.”

Of course, you are never going to like every single product in an Ikea collection, but our advice is to choose carefully the standout items, such as the sofa, and make them the centre point in the room. Don’t kit out a room entirely in Ikea furniture or it will look like student accommodation. Better to choose the more luxurious items, and leave the frame bunk beds to kid’s bed rooms.

The new Ikea Stockholm collection is available from April 1st.

Tan leather SO3 Seglora sofa costs £1,400

Stockholm three-seater sofa costs £1,000



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