New haircut, new you?

With all the recent talks of Cheryl Cole’s new hairdo in the press, hairdressers have been discussing how a haircut can symbolise a new stage in a woman’s life. By having our haircut and adding highlights, hairdressers have said how we are supposedly shouting out that something is new with us, and that we’re ready to face the world.

In terms of Cheryl, her haircut supposedly says that she is now in a new stage of her life, and is ready to give Ashley a second chance. Ashley has also been rumoured to have input in her haircut and colour, talking to her about how good it’ll look. This will have added to how Cheryl feels about herself, as she is safe in the knowledge that the one person she is said to want to be with, is all for her new look.

But how true is this? Does a simple haircut and colour really say SO much about our lives and us as individuals?

Most women go to the hairdressers because they’re either bored with their current colour and/or style and want a change. A trip to the salon can also be because we want to look our best for a particular occasion, or because we simple want some ‘us’ time.

Having a haircut is apparently directly linked to our confidence and self-esteem, with even a quick trim giving us the feel good factor. Most women are found to go to the hairdressers when come to a standstill in life, or feel dull. Upon having a new style, or changing hair colour, women leave the hairdressers feeling rejuvenated and refreshed, which is why they go back often once a month, to keep reaping the feeling.

Alternatively, perhaps it’s the benefits of having a haircut that makes us feel so good after going under the chop. A haircut is good for us because of the following reasons:

  • It gets rid of dead hair and split ends, keeping the hair on our heads healthy and in the best possible condition, as well as clean.
  • Having a haircut has been said to help our overall hair growth, with healthy hair growing quicker.
  • Makes you feel better about yourself, boosting your confidence.
  • A regular haircut keeps your appearance looking fresh and new.

Get down to your local salon today, and see how rejuvenated you feel. After all, you might be surprised…

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