New generation Bose: Is bigger really better?

While our televisions just keep on getting better looking – bigger, flatter, sleeker – the sound quality often does not match that of the picture.

It’s because as the screen gets thinner, so do the speakers as there’s just nowhere to put heavy duty kit.

As a result, there’s been a sharp increase in the sale of home theatre packages as we look for something to give us that feeling of being in a cinema, in our own houses.

But Bose has come up with a new version of its VideoWave entertainment system, which is not only an HDTV but also comes with a home cinema and music system built inside.

Renowned for its hi-end technology, Bose described the VideoWave as brining “home theatre sound and high-definition picture together in one simple, elegant system”.

And the system has also won rave reviews from critics who have described it as “not-your-run-of-the-mill tv”.

You do, however, pay a premium to have such an impressive device, with the new VideoWave II system, costing a whopping £4,700 for the 46in model and a mammoth £5,500 for the 55in model.

But for those with enough cash, the Bose really does provide the crème de la crème of sound quality.

The design itself is pretty bog standard but once you turn it on, you realise where your money has gone.

Excellent picture quality is provided through the screen resolution of 1920 x 1080p.There’s a matte screen which gives a good viewing experience because of its non-reflective qualities.

It’s with the sound quality though when the VideoWave really comes into its own. It has seven, yes really, seven built-in speakers, including six high-performance woofers and a proprietary acoustic waveguide. It’s definitely comparable to a separate home theatre system, without the need for extra wires and gadgets cluttering up your living room.

You can plug in up to six sources at the back, so if you’ve got a Blu-ray player, cable box or a video game system like a Playstation or X-box, it’s easy to enjoy them complete great sound quality. There’s also a click pad remote so you can control everything at once and a dock for your iPhone and iPod so you can take advantage of the speaker system provided by the VideoWave to listen to your favourite tunes.

Bose has made the VideoWave II pretty smart too. With a separate home theatre system, you have to position the speakers according to the size and shape of your room to get the best sound quality. But, Bose has created what it calls its ADAPTiQi audio calibration system which first analyses your room and then adjusts the VideoWave II to make sure you get high-quality performance.

The price may make the VideoWave II pretty prohibitive for most of us, but expect it to adorn the walls of the world’s biggest and best homes, especially of those who want a bigger screen.

While the first generation VideoWave only came in a 46in model, the VideoWave II also comes in a huge 55in.If you are able to afford one, the effect really is impressive.

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