Can ‘Fountain – The Beauty Molecule’ drink make you look younger?

Here on Shoppersbase we have featured many anti-aging products, from lotions to creams, and serums to supplements, but this latest product is the first ever beauty product to contain the powerful anti-oxidant – resveratrol, and in a liquid form. Resveratrol is found in the skins of red grapes, chocolate, Japanese knot-weed and peanuts, and has well researched anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effects, but Fountain Beauty Molecule has actually produced a water soluble solution of resveratrol, which is said to allow easier absorption into the body.

Fountain - The beauty molecule drink

This new designer anti-aging treatment is therefore not only beneficial to combating wrinkles and fine lines, but is good for your overall health. In fact, a study published by Harvard experts last year, concluded that: “A new study demonstrates what researchers consider conclusive evidence that the compound resveratrol directly activates a protein that promotes health and longevity.” And there have been other studies that have looked into the effects of resveratrol on both cardiovascular health and Alzheimer’s disease, as well as certain cancers.

The Fountain Beauty Molecule works slowing down dividing cells and thereby extending their life. All the cells in our bodies divide to create new ones, but these new cells are sometimes uneven or abnormal, and this is what contributes to the aging process. The effects of resveratrol has been studied on plants, and shown to delay this dividing process, and prolonging the life of them.

The potent elixir also contains another powerful anti-oxidant, Black Carrot, and our favourite anti-aging ingredient – hyaluronic acid, which help to hold back the years by stimulating collagen production.

Resveratrol has gained quite a name for itself already in the U.S and Japan, as its cell-regenerating and anti-inflammatory effects are more widely known, but this is the first time it has become available in a liquid form.

And you don’t have to imbibe much to get the full benefits, just one teaspoon a day is enough to help promote the anti-aging effects, quite reasonable we think as a bottle of the stuff is £24.99. The liquid is flavored with pomegranate juice as the taste of resveratrol apparently leaves a lot to be desired.

This drinkable form of beauty treatment is not the first however in the market, as we reported a couple of months ago about a new product, Pure Gold Collagen®, which contains a blend of hydrolysed collagen and active ingredients that all act from inside the body. The Pure Gold Collagen® starts to work when it reaches the small intestine. There it is digested and changes to form dipeptides, tripeptides or free amino acids. These peptides are thought to stimulate the production of collagen, thereby helping to halt the signs of aging from within.

With many people starting to shun traditional cosmetic surgery options, and Botox injections falling out of favour, because of the permanently ‘frozen’ state of women’s faces, we think that this drinkable form of beauty treatment is going to be the next biggest thing.

The Fountain Beauty Molecule is available from Boots

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