New Clothes Hangers say Bye Bye to Laundry!

There is a certain time in the life of wearing clothes, when the item is not dirty enough to warrant a washing, but not quite clean enough for it to feel fresh and laundered. So what do most people do? Stick it in the laundry basket to be washed anyway. This not only wastes valuable water, but uses more washing products and energy. So it is with great pleasure that Shoppersbase can reveal a new solution to your wash day blues. An innovative new product has been created by British designer Lisa Marie Bengtsson where you can hang your clothes that need a freshen up.

The Bye Bye Laundry clothes hanger has a glass chamber of ultra-porous activated charcoal and through a filter in the wooden base, the charcoal absorbs odours from the clothes and helps keep them fresh. The activated charcoal never touches the clothes and doesn’t need to in order for it to function. Just hang your clothes on the special hanger for a few days and the charcoal will absorb the odour from the clothes. The activated charcoal in the glass chamber is carbon that has been treated with oxygen. The treatment results in a highly porous charcoal. These tiny holes give the charcoal a surface area of 300-2,000 m2/g, allowing liquids or gases to pass through the charcoal and interact with the exposed carbon. It has a great ability to absorb noxious gases and therefore act as a deodorant and an odour remover.

Bengtsson says that she created the clothes hanger because she felt that we washed our clothes much more than needed and this harms both the clothes and the planet. Her project reflects on our attitude towards dirt with the aim to make people use less water and to change our washing behavior. Bengtsson says that she wants to give awareness to this issue with an alternative solution for washing that prevents clothes being thrown in the washing machine rapidly. The essential design details of the object include an easy way to re-fill the charcoal and a filter that lets charcoal breath through the glass. The ring that holds the clothes is flocked to create a luxury and functional surface and Bengtsson has designed the hanger so that it can be used in a variety of different situations such as door handles, wardrobes, chairs, hooks, and windows.

Bengtsson recently graduated from the Product Design course at Kingston University in London and says: “There is a moment between clean and unclean clothes that has got very little attention. Sometimes we throw half-dirty clothes in the laundry basket too often because we don’t know where else to put them. I saw an opportunity for a piece including activated charcoal that creates a place for clothes that have been worn but are not necessarily ready to be washed.”

Photos Credit:  Lisa Marie Bengtsson/Bye Bye Laundry

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