New BRÖÖ Beer Shampoo Not Just An Old Wive’s Tale

Remember all that advice and tips that your granny used to give you back in the day, such as washing your windows with vinegar and newspapers, and using Coca Cola to remove lime scale from your toilet bowl? Well now the old adage of washing your hair in beer has taken on a whole new commercial meaning, as US company BRÖÖ have created a range of beer based shampoos, but without the smelly after effects of using the real thing.


The idea for BRÖÖ shampoo came about after co-founder Brad Pearsall was bitten by a stray dog. This led to a 2-week hospital stay on an intravenous antibiotic drip and a warning from the doctor for Brad to adapt a healthier lifestyle. At last Brad agreed to eat the healthy food that Sarah insisted on, but drew the line at the natural shampoos. They did not lather up, they did not provide any shine, they were a bit rubbish to be honest. He did what most guys did, he called his mom; her response? She told him about using beer on his hair. It seemed like a good idea but Sarah didn’t like the idea of him smelling like a night after a rowdy stag do.

The pair decided to research the idea of using the key ingredients of a full and rich bodied micro-brewed beer into a lush shampoo. They wanted their beer shampoo to be as natural as possible, with no nasty chemicals, but as they had no beer brewing or shampoo manufacturing knowledge they had to bring in some experts.

Luckily they found two likely partners in Asheville’s original craft brewery at Highland Brewing and a shampoo genius at the Society of Cosmetic Chemists. With the help of these two it was agreed that the main ingredient of the beer shampoo should be the Highland’s St. Terese’s Pale Ale, and the chemist then got to work on the shampoo. It took two years and over 50 rejected formulas before the couple decided on a bottle of perfected shampoo, which they felt ticked all the boxes.

So what makes a perfect bottle of BRÖÖ shampoo? Brad and Sarah state on their website that there are four key ingredients:

  • Barley: Contains an enormous amount of vitamins, proteins and minerals that are essential to maintain the health of your hair.
  • Water: Allows all this essential goodness to escape from the barley grain and create a mineral and vitamin rich broth.
  • Hops: Are filled with anti-oxidants and toning and astringent properties that are great for hair health.
  • Yeast: Is considered to be the key of life and is full of vitamin B, the building block of human hair, allowing it to grow healthily and stronger.

You might think that using beer in the shampoos mean that there is only one kind that fits all, but this is not the case. Brad and Sarah has devised different kinds of beers to treat particular hair conditions, so whether you need volume, hydration, or smoothing shampoos, you’ll find a beer shampoo top suit your special needs; here are the three types:

The American Pale Ale version contains essential vitamins and the trace mineral silicon that is needed for healthy bones, skin and hair. So if you require a nourishing shampoo that is strengthening and fortifying thin then this is ideal.

Those who require a hydrating shampoo should choose the Oatmeal Porter, complete with hydrating oat protein blends with the vitamins and minerals.

If you have frizzy and flyaway hair then check out the India Pale Ale shampoo, an intensely hopped beer that includes essential hops oils to allow the ultimate smoothing nourishment to your hair.

The shampoos and conditioners are $9.99 each for 8 floz.

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