New Bistro kettle that keeps your brew warmer for longer

BodumEveryone has their own ideas about how to make the perfect cup of tea. Do you put the milk in first or last? Should you warm the pot first and how long should you steep it? All are questions that are disagreed upon.

But one thing is generally agreed. You shouldn’t reboil the water. Experts say it removes much of the oxygen, leading to a flat brew.

New Bistro Kettle features

Well Bodum says it has a solution to that problem with its new Bistro kettle. It has a unique double wall with an inner layer made from laboratory-grade borosilicate glass, a neutral material that keeps the water pure and an outer layer of cool-to-the touch plastic that protects the glass from shocks so it won’t break.

Together, the walls retain the heat of the water so it takes away the need to keep boiling the water to make your next cup of The new Bodum Bistro kettleEarl Grey or camomile.

And together with being practical, the newest member of Bodum’s range is also stylish. A spokesman said: “Isn’t it nice to have some transparency in our complex everyday lives? In this case it’s just a water kettle that’s letting you in on its inner workings but it sure makes for a promising start into the new day.

“See the water bubbling up in this double-wall glass kettle and it’s crystal clear, the new bistro kettle is not only an investment in your daily tea and coffee pleasures, but in the environment as well.”

The new Bodum Bistro kettle doesn’t come cheap, costing a RRP of £99.99. But with less need to reboil, you should save money on you electricity bills.

It comes in four different colours – shiny black, bright red, lime green and pure white so it should fit in with the décor of most kitchens. While the black and white versions will appeal to minimalists, the red and green kettles will provide a real focal point, allowing homeowners to match their small appliances with some of the larger ones in the room. They will go particularly well with the bright 50s style fridges made by the likes of Smeg and Gorenje.The new Bistro kettle in Yellow, Red and Black colour

Bodum – its history

The tableware and kitchenware company, which was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1944 by Peter Bodum moved to Switzerland in 1978 in a bid by the founder’s son and new chief executive officer Jørgen Bodum to locate the firm more strategically in central Europe.

It was a move which certainly seems to have paid off as Bodum has since become renowned for the aesthetic quality of its products. Still a family business, Bodum is now sold in 55 countries.

Bodum is best known for its coffee makers. Its French Coffee Press was selected as one of the world’s most environmentally friendly coffee makers and was highly awarded by the international and Danish design awards.

But, it’s new kettle with its unique qualities for making better tea may just persuade even the more avid coffee drinkers to switch their regular tipple to tea.

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