New anti-ageing diet boasts ‘Seven years younger in seven weeks’

51XxNNROh8L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_It’s the time of year when people are starting to regret their overindulgences from Christmas and the party season, but luckily, one diet is promising a slimmer and younger looking you, and all within seven weeks. The ‘Seven Years Younger’ diet claims that it can reverse the signs of ageing, and the great thing is that you don’t have to stop eating fast foods like pizza and burgers.

The editors at Good Housekeeping have developed the anti-ageing diet, which concentrates on a simple 3-4-5-menu plan. You eat 300 calories at breakfast, 400 for lunch and 500 for dinner and follow an easy exercise plan. The foods in the diet are rich in antioxidant-rich foods, which have been proved to deliver amazing anti-aging benefits. The diet will also help to reduce your cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, and make your heart healthier. Experts say that it will also have a beneficial effect on your skin, which will make you look younger.


There is a seven-week meal plan, with over 90 recipes to help you, and a fitness program. There are also numerous mental tips and advice on how to personalise the plan so it works for you. Nutrition Director at Good Housekeeping, Samantha Cassetty, said that there are lots of ways you can keep the pounds off and gave these tips to the MailOnline:

  1. It is important to focus on what you are eating, that way you are more aware of how many calories you are consuming. Therefore it is a good idea to not eat at your desk at lunchtime, as you will be distracted, and eat more.
  2. Watch the hidden extras, for example, a couple of chips here or an extra biscuit there, they all add up, but are hidden calories. Before you know it, you’ll be consuming an extra 100 calories a day and not even know it.
  3. Stop saying yes to people as regards food. Once you get used to politely refusing that slice of birthday cake, you’ll stop the hidden extras.
  4. Watch out for so-called healthy foods that are actually packed with sugars and fats, such as smoothies and juice drinks, or ‘healthy’ cereals like granola, that have high sugars in them.

The diet book also advises people on how they can make informed choices when they eat out in restaurants. By recognising the higher calorie options and choosing the lower ones. As for that pizza you’re allowed to have, just make sure you leave out the high calorie sausage and extra cheese, and opt for vegetables and thin crusts.

The anti-ageing foods are also identified, with lean meat, shellfish and beans being a source of zinc, which can help with wrinkles, whilst eggs, mushrooms and whole grains are sources of selenium and can protect the skin against the sun.

The diet has been tested on a panel of 26 volunteers, men and women, ranging from 34 to 62 years old, and in all, they lost a combined total of 325 pounds and 105 inches, mostly from their stomach and hips.

The 7 Years Younger The Anti-Aging Breakthrough Diet: Lose 20 Pounds (Or More!) is on sale from December 31, and costs $15.57 from Amazon.com

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