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You may not be even thinking about gardening, what with most of the countries lawns and plants currently resting under a blanket of snow. But if you are one of the types of gardeners who love to plan ahead, then you’ll be pleased to know that the nation’s favourite TV celebrity and all round top bloke, has launched his new collection and you can buy it online. From his beautiful seeds, including anything from flowers to vegetables, to his ‘How To’ books, designed to help the most novice of gardeners tackle problem areas. We have picked out a small selection of his products for you to have a look at and to inspire you.

Alan Titchmarsh How to Garden: Pests and Problems – £6.99

In this definitive guide, Alan Titchmarsh addresses key problem areas and provides easy-to-follow guidance on how to protect precious plants. Encouraging gardeners to create healthy ecosystems, Alan talks through the techniques to deal with harmful pests, weeds, diseases and disorders and suggests preventative measures to ensure happy, disease-resistant plants. This title features directory of pests and problems with over 200 colour illustrations. It offers good gardening techniques for preventing disorders. It discusses how to select the right plants for the right conditions. It offers advice on chemical versus nonchemical treatments. It includes instructions for tackling problems in lawns and borders.

Cerinthe major ‘Purpurascens’ – from £9.99

This unusual little plant is one of my garden favourites; and you can always track it down in the garden by listening to the sound of buzzing bees. It’s easy to grow too; at home in most soils and producing sprays of electric-blue, metallic blooms, which ‘drip’ with purple florets. A real stunner. And if you want to impress your neighbours, this will certainly give them something to talk about.

Katsura Tree – from 9.99

Enjoy its attractive foliage and see if you can decide what the leaves smell of. Is it toffee apple? Candy floss? Don’t be afraid of growing trees in your garden; they aren’t all great big oaks and cedars. Flowers March and April. Position in full sun, semi or dappled shade. Prefers non alkaline, rich, moist but free draining soil. This gorgeous tree will be a beautiful focal point in your garden.

Strawberry ‘Malwina’ – from £14.99

Strawberry ‘Malwina’ has already wowed journalists with its exceptional sweet taste and dark red colouring. Supermarkets don’t stock ‘Malwina’, aware that customers are only interested in bright red strawberries; however, we believe their loss is your gain! Grow this fabulous tasting strawberry at home and you’ll be enjoying the wonderful, late-ripening berries well into August when most other varieties have stopped fruiting. Height: 20cm (8”). Spread: 30cm (12”). The sweetest strawberry ever!

Heather ‘Lucie’ – from £9.99

Award Winning and HALF PRICE! Already awarded The Heather Society’s Premier award, which considers flower colour, size and longevity, habit and hardiness, this is the beginning of a new generation of heathers. Try it today – you’re sure to enjoy these fabulous hardy perennials. Flowers from January to April Position in an open position in full sun. Will tolerate any soil type.

Alan Titchmarsh How to Garden: Wildlife Gardening – from £6.99

This is the most successful gardens work with nature to create natural environments in which jobs such as pollination and pest control are left to the wildlife. In this definitive guide, Alan Titchmarsh shows how to create natural ecosystems in your garden to encourage beneficial insects, birds and other wildlife and establish the best environment in which your garden will thrive. This title features design ideas and planting plans for wildlife-friendly gardens, and wildlife gallery showing common birds, mammals, amphibians and insects and how to attract them to your garden. It discusses how to create natural habitats. It offers recommended trees, shrubs and flowers for biodiversity. It presents seasonal tasks for the year.

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