New Air Combat Game: Assault Horizon for Xbox 360

Assault Horizon

Assault Horizon

As part of its growing franchise, Ace Combat releases its newest game for Xbox 360 users with Assault Horizon.  The game promises to be more exciting and action-packed when compared to its predecessors, allowing fanatics and avid gamers to have better imaging and graphic experience. It also allows users to engage in warfare from different parts of the world, bringing more dimensions to one of the best loved games in the world. There are several changes introduced in Assault Horizon, and you may want to get a peek of what the new game can offer you as an avid fan.

Following previous Ace Combat releases, game developers of Assault Horizon have added more graphics and detail into each mission and encounter. This allows single and multi-players to enjoy better and higher-intensity graphics than ever. As such, you will get a feeling of being in the same place as the mission itself, seeing everything from enemies being stricken down to various types of aircraft exploding to pieces in clear vivid detail.

Ace Combat Assault Horizon developers have also made it possible for players to enjoy close-up views of high-speed combats and encounters. This gives you a chance to truly enjoy the best acrobatic maneuvers that you can do with your own aircraft and develop your virtual flying abilities. If you have been following the game franchise for quite some time now you will definitely appreciate the new additions that the developers and creators have incorporated in the new release.

If you are on the lookout for a whole new experience in flying different aircraft then Air Combat developers have something for you as well. New aircraft models are available for you to try, including features that allow you to isolate targets with pinpoint accuracy and the ability to strategically position your battle aircraft in a split second for better aim.

This is not all you are getting however, as the game developers have made it a point to include a few premium items and goodies along with the package. Depending on your location you will have the opportunity to own the original soundtrack aside from the DVD game itself. You will also have the chance to own a signed notebook courtesy of the game’s developers and a card which will allow you to download the F4-E Phantom II, a newly designed aircraft exclusive to the limited edition Air Combat Assault Horizon game.

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