Nevie-Pie Cakes makes exceedingly gross cakes!

With the Great British Bake-off scoring a huge hit in the TV ratings this year, baking cakes has become one of the nation’s most favourite past-times. And with an assortment of different icings, pastel flowers and sugar decorations to choose from, it is not difficult to turn an average sponge into a work of art.

Nevie-Pie Ashtray Cake

Ashtray Cake

One Hertfordshire cake maker has gone one step further however, and turned out some of the most realistic, and dare we say grossest of cakes, which include a trashed trifle, a set of fungal infected toe nails, a cake with stubbed out cigarettes as decorations, a blackened lung cake and a fish carcass cookie.

The brains behind these amazing cakes is one Natasha Collins, who started off her career in textile design as a senior designer and assistant art director, but has now returned to her baking roots.

Nevie-Pie Severed Toe cookies

Severed Toe cookies

She began baking as a hobby, but due to popular demand, she now has a cake making business creating fabulous cakes for many and varied occasions. She also has several celebrity clients and has created a special Christmas range for Selfridges.

Some of Natasha’s projects include The Stay Puft Company, The Kerrang awards, the bridge of cake for Westfield’s opening, and ‘Cakey Perry’ high teas. Natasha also runs very successful cake decorating classes and the next one is to be held on April 29 2013 and costs £145.

Nevie-Pie Trashed Trifle cake

Trashed Trifle cake

Some of the Nevie-Pie Cakes worst (best) creations are below:

The Nevie-Pie Severed Toe cookies are biscuit based with incredible detail of either fungus, corns or chilblains, with hardened skin under the toe and the chilblains toe even has a bone sticking out from the toe.

The Ear Cookie features wax inside the ear, blood surrounding the outside and blackened skin.

Nevie-Pie Ear Cookie

Ear Cookie

The Nevie-Pie Ashtray cake includes stubbed out cigarettes which are actually tiny little cookies, made with a mixture of crushed biscuits and dyed coconut covered in icing, some of which even have lipstick marks on them.

The Fish Carcass cake shows the bones of the fish with the head still attached surrounded by decaying flowers.

Nevie-Pie Fish Carcass cake

Fish Carcass cake

The Nevie-Pie Trashed Trifle cake perfectly showcases a poor trifle in the aftermath of a party, with a pork pie pushed onto the top of it, featuring cheese on cocktail sticks and the obligatory cigarette ends.

The Blackened Lung cake is a replica of a smokers lung, complete with cigarette ends, and shows a diseased lung after the effects of smoking.

Nevie-Pie Blackened Lung cake

Blackened Lung cake

If these cakes are enough to put you off your teatime treats, then fear not, Nevie-Pie Cakes also make many other beautifully designed cakes for any occasion.

Check out their designs by visiting neviepiecakes.com

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