Never lose your iPhone again with the Hippih Hipkey

Here on Shoppersbase, we love innovative devices that actually add some value to our lives, and the Hippih Hipkey is definitely one of those devices. In fact, it’s so simply clever and effective, that you wish you’d thought of yourselves.

The Hippih Hipkey

The Hippih Hipkey is small keyring attachment with an alarm that sounds if you stray a certain distance away from it. It costs £69 and uses a battery that is rechargable using a micro USB.

It works by synchronising via Bluetooth 4.0 to a free iOS app. You can set the distance that sounds the alarm from a minimum of 2m up to 50m away from your iPhone. Or vice versa.

the Hippih Hipkey

The Bluetooth signal strength between the two devices can vary and are influenced by the environment and different materials. The manufacturers recommend that users should carry the hipKey and iPhone/iPad in a way where they are not blocked by the human body.

And if you are likely to put the hipKey in your front pocket of your pants and the iPhone in the back pocket, you should always set the Alarm Distance to Long.

The Hippih Hipkey is small keyring attachment with an alarm

With a handy keyring attachment, you simply fasten the Hippih Hipkey to your household keys, and away you go.

The Hippih Hipkey compatible devices

The Hippih Hipkey itself can synchronise with the following devices:

iPhone 5

iPhone 4S

iPad mini

iPad (4th gen)

iPad (3rd gen)

It is not currently configured to work with other smartphones or tablets.

There are some pretty good features however, if you do own an iPhone or iPad.


There is a Child Mode function which helps you keep track of your child in public places by notifying you whenever they are out of range.

Once you have paired your iPhone with your hipKey™ yuo can use it to find your iPhone or find your iPhone with your hipKey™.

There is a Safe Zone feature which prevents your hipKey™ from triggering the alarm unnecessarily. This feature is ideal if you are in the office or at home.

There is also a Motion Mode feature, which alerts you immediately if the hipKey is moved, so attach it to your bag and all your belongings are now safe.

You can easily set the distance from 2m to a maximum of 50m, so you know you are protected within a certain radius.


We think this is a great device, and it could also save you money on personal insurance, and for the price of only £69, it is a far better solution than having to pay for a replacement phone.

For more information and where to buy, check out www.hippih.com

All pictures courtesy Hippih Hipkey.

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