Never lose your important stuff again with ‘TILE’

We’ve all had that sinking feeling when we are about to rush out of the front door and we can’t find our keys. So instead of us putting them in the same place every time (virtually impossible in my house) wouldn’t it be a great idea if someone came up with a nifty gadget that found them for us instead?


Luckily, a bunch of entrepreneurial brains have done just that, and created an app with a piece of hardware called Tile that works with your phone. The way Tile works is that you are basically hooking it up with your phone, like a buddy system at school, so if one gets lost the other knows exactly where it is.

How TILE works

The technical way in which the Tile works is that it throws out signals like radio waves, across a 100-foot radius, until it hits the phone. Because your phone recorded the last place it saw the Tile, once you start looking, your phone tracks the strength of the signal given out by the Tile.

When you get closer, the circle on the app’s tracking device on your phone fills in more and more and when it is a complete circle you should be standing in front of your keys, or whichever object has a Tile attached to it. There’s also a melody that plays when you get really close so you know you are on the right track.

The app works with 8 Tiles so there’s no need to prioritise one set of keys over another. It is also water-resistant, easy to hook onto various items, and made from durable materials.

Tiles are also made to be hooked on and forgotten about. There’s no batteries required, no charging, no maintenance, no upkeep. Just attach and use for a year. When the year is over you can send your Tile back for recycling and replace them with the latest model.

Tiles work with iOS 7 or 8 on an iPhone 4S (and later – including the new iPhone 6), a 3rd generation iPad, a 5th generation iPod Touch, or the iPad mini. And if you decide to share access to your Tiles with your friends, family, and coworkers, you expand your network enabling you to keep tabs in a wider range.

Tile was founded by engineers Nick and Mike, who were fed up with one of life’s little irrations and wanted to create something to solve it. They ran a hugely successful Selfstarter campaign and now employ a staff of eleven.

For more information on Tiles, visit thetileapp.com.


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