Neutral Theme does not have to be Boring!

Neutral home decor ideas

Neutral home decor ideas

Most of the people consider sober, neutral colors to be boring. But, you know what? They are anything but boring! In fact, neutral colors are the perfect way to enhance a room’s decorating style. From black and white to beige combinations, you can give that much calming and dramatic classy effect to your house. Basically, neutral colors are limited, and that’s exactly what we need to create a sophisticated chic environment in the house. Lesser the options, the lesser is the confusion and better is the output.

To give a very distinct feeling to your home décor, experiment with different neutral colored fibers and textures. The variety of color and texture of the fiber will help in infusing calmness and peace in the home environment. If you want to add more detail and interest to your room, use various textures on the wall, furniture and floor. These days, you have got many options that come under the neutral category. Starting from the traditional whites and grays to muted reds, dusty blues, soft yellows, subdued greens to sandy browns there are quite a lot of earthy shades available.

Tips for Going on an All-Neutral-Theme:

If you can get the right combinations of the colors, it can be the perfect element of elegance and class for a stylish home. Here are a few tips to help you get just that:

  • Matching Theme: The first important step while styling your home in a neutral theme is to carefully deal with each and every aspect of your house. Starting right from the furnishings to draperies to washrooms, ensure that each and everything that you pick up for your house should match the theme of your house.
  • Ideal Furniture: In order to ensure that the furniture fits in well with your neutral theme, pick up furniture that is either beige or off-white colored. This will not only help incorporating peace in the house, but also helps in maintaining calmness.
  • Earthy-Rustic Look: If soft, light colors are not your thing, then you can make your abode comfortable by giving it a rustic look. You need to choose different dark shaded neutral colors like black, rust and brown. Rustic look has always been very popular and gives a very chic look to your house.
  • Right Draperies: Once you finalize on the colors, the next step is to choose the right draperies. Since you have a neutral theme, make sure that you choose draperies that complement your theme. Choose window draperies, curtains, pillows and slipcovers that perfectly sync with your neutral colored theme. Also, the texture of the draperies adds further drama and character to your home.
  • Coordinating the Accessories: When it comes to neatly accessorizing your house, it’s all about choosing the right accessories and coordinating them beautifully. Keep it minimal and simple. Make sure your vases, throw rugs, lamps, artwork and other pieces blend in well with your theme.
  • Differentiate: Ensure that you differentiate the neutral base colors from the artificial tints. They not only distort the overall effect of your house, but cal also be very disturbing.
  • No Clutter: The key to a maintaining a neutral home is to keep it as simple and clutter-free as possible. When a room has too many things, it creates and impression that the room is unattended and messy. Not only for the visitors, but it might be irritating for you as well. So, if you think there are any useless things lying around, simply put them away. Nothing can be worse to spoil your elegant neutral look than the unnecessary excess clutter.
  • Multi-Purpose Furniture: Instead of getting many tiny furniture objects, get a few simple versatile and multi-purpose furniture pieces that can give your room a aristocratic, sleek and sophisticated feel to it.
  • Second Shades: Almost all neutral shades have a second or an undertone. These undertones can be colors like tan, yellow, pink, gold, peach and even blue. If you can get to use these shades wisely, no other shades can be as perfect as these for a neutral theme.
  • Soft Lighting: Another important aspect of accentuating your neutral theme look is by choosing the right lighting. Prefer those central and soft lightings that diffuse light even to the corners of a room.

Well, neutral theme does not have to be boring. You can also put a few indoor plants along the window sill or even at the corner of your dining hall. To make your house all the more interesting, experiment with various patterns, finishes, materials and textures which have a light shade.

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