Neti Pot as Proven Nasal Relief

What is a Neti Pot? For some it’s like an alien term. It looks like a common pot but with a long nose. Alien though it is for some, but little do we know that this thing helps to solve some health problems. This is used for nasal conditions. It is used for watering nasal passages. Why do we need to water our noses? We need it to wash out nasal cavities. This particular cleansing started in ancient India. They called this process Jala-Neti, which means “to cleanse the nose with water”, and from then on, the pot being used to clean noses was called neti pot. It is believe to remedy allergies, colds, asthma, and mild sinus infections.

How does a Neti pot work? Mix a saline solution and put this inside the pot. The solution is composed of around 500 ml of water with 5 g of salt. When you water your noses through this thing, excess mucus and sinuses debris are being flushed out. This is called “nasal irrigation”. This kind of process is well accepted in the medical world because it has less side effects and it is all natural. According to the studies of various scientists, nasal irrigation is a safe and effective treatment. Yoga practitioners advocate this kind of nasal problem solution.

We can mix other ingredients for a particular sickness. If you want to treat respiratory problems, you must use warm volcanic mineral water. Sometimes saline solution is mixed with Sodium bicarbonate in order to shield the solution and make the process gentler. However, its effectiveness is not yet proven by science.

Neti pot comes in different forms. We have ceramic, glass, various metals or plastics. Flexible plastics are the most common pot that are used these are more comfortable and handy. Now, how do we use this relief-gadget? There are two salient points when using the pot. First, lean forward. This is done to avoid swallowing the salty water. Second, while the pot is in your nose, continue breathing through your mouth—it’s like when you are swimming in the water. After watering both nostrils, you must blow them gently. Keep these in mind when you have the chance to use this powerful, healing pot.

This process is now worldwide. As noted, this came from India, and since that day, it has been used in Asia regularly. Today, western countries also appreciate this kind of relief process. Auvergne region in France is now also using Neti pot in their thermal baths.

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